Corps public security bureau to carry out “calligraphy calligraphy old New Year” to send Spring Festival couplets activities

2022-05-09 0 By

In order to welcome the Spring Festival, carry forward Chinese traditional culture, create a rich Spring Festival atmosphere, On January 25, corps public security bureau invited corps literary federation, corps calligraphy association calligrapher to bureau organs to carry out “calligraphic words old calligraphy Spring Festival” send blessing send Spring Festival couplets.At the scene of the activity, calligrapher were enthusiastic and splashed with ink. They wrote strong, natural and free fu character and Spring Festival couplets. Different fonts such as regular script, running script and cursive script had their own charm, and each seemingly simple stroke and painting was full of deep feelings and charm.A piece of ink Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu” spread on the table, red, full of festive atmosphere.They use exquisite conception of the little tiger cartoon image and the traditional fu character together, has become a highlight of the scene, loved by everyone.Queue for the “ink treasure” of the auxiliary police in an endless stream, everyone around the calligrapher, calligraphy, reading the content of the Spring Festival couplets, full of praise, scrambling to choose their own mind of the couplet, the scene atmosphere is very warm.Pasting Spring Festival couplets is the traditional custom of the Chinese nation to welcome the New Year, and writing Spring Festival couplets is the inheritance of the excellent traditional culture of the nation.This activity not only improves the cultural life taste of the police camp, but also creates a healthy, civilized, positive, warm and harmonious festival atmosphere.The activity gave out more than 500 couplets and fu, and sent a meaningful New Year gift to all the auxiliary police of the bureau.ID: XJBT-POLICE Corps POLICE circle