After the small home, clean up every day as far as possible, simple decoration is very clever, share

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Home is for living and living, not for showing off or keeping up with the Joneses.After the home, should try to keep the home clean, clean, relatives and friends are more willing to match home to visit, the family life will be happier, if there are children at home, more can learn to love clean, love to clean up the good habit!I would like to share with you the small home of the owner after she moved in. The interior area of the home is not big, but I will try to clean it up every day during the period of moving in, which is really enviable.Whole house whole space belongs to decorate simply, TV wall does not do a bit modelling, really very clever, can say live more like more.Below, take you to have a look, if you like such a decoration can refer to it!Belong to more typical a kind of door model, come in from door have independent small porch, nevertheless the Angle of shoe ark did not pat alone come out.Porch wall is hanging lens of one side whole body, can arrange oneself dress to the mirror, sincere and practical.Walk in from door porch, arrived dining-room area, decorated table of square of a piece of log, the dimensional size position that occupies is appropriate.Eating cloth is covered on table, can have the effect of protecting table, more sweet, appear the taste of home more.Very practical eat side ark is decorated beside, can increase more store content space.There is no choice to install a suspended ceiling on the top surface, just a circle of plaster lines, very simple.Installed the fan lamp, you can play the role of lighting, but also when the fan used, really good ah.Sitting room and balcony get through, increased a lot of indoor area, indoor space looks capacious a lot of.TV wall did not do a bit modelling, brushed emulsioni paint directly just, very simple.Although have been living for a period of time, but have not arranged the TV, the main TV is not so often watch.The word that does not decorate tea table among, appear the space is very capacious.The ground chooses the shop sticks wood floor, the kind of cold feeling that does not have ceramic tile, more comfortable.It’s so nice to have a clean house!If the balcony gets through, the use of broken bridge aluminum sealing Windows can play the role of indoor protection, wind or rain outside, there is no impact.It’s so sunny, you can even see the balcony. It’s so warm.In the balcony even tea chat, are very happy.The bedroom is cramped, with a king-size bed and bespoke wardrobe, leaving little room.Bay Windows can’t be knocked down, so there’s no impact.Whole space, although is not the door model that north and south connect fully, but dimensional daylighting is very bright, very sweet.Bespoke wardrobes go straight to the top, no space is wasted, so practical.Wardrobe door does not have other modelling, it is one side flat plate directly, simple, won’t let a person have depressive feeling.The entire space is basically arranged without the installation of the ceiling, are mainly gypsum lines.The other rooms are the same and not shared separately.The bathroom ark of toilet stands alone and comes out independently, installed very practical ark type mirror, can wait toothpaste toothbrush can go to the lavatory receive rise.Including the installation of some of the hole-free shelving, hooks and so on, a lot of things, tidy collection and classification up.The kitchen reserved a place to put the refrigerator, the size of the position is appropriate, use without any impact.Generally speaking, if kitchen space is enough, if decorate refrigerator, do not have any effect.Kitchen layout is reasonable, formed “wash, cut, fry” order, very convenient.The kitchen in the home is such layout commonly, the operation rises more smoothly.The thing is very much, also was installed on the wall buy content to wear, very practical.Nevertheless, to the kitchen, the word that installs condole ark on the wall, more practical, this point everybody should know ha.Here is the end, the overall effect is still good, but also a taste of home.To such small family model, choose to decorate simply really too clever, very worthy of reference.Finally, WISH the owner of the family life more and more happy, also hope that you can like this home!Home is used for living, suggest that no matter how busy or tired you are, you should clean up your home and live happily in a clean and comfortable home!I am invincible little cutie /