Why can’t girls be naked?The child’s answer made the mother innocent

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Guide language: the ancients cloud “men and women are different, not close”, this is the way to get along between adults.But as ignorant children can not understand the meaning of these eight words, they do not even know the difference between men and women.Many children follow the principle of asking if they don’t know, often throwing imaginative or bizarre questions at their parents.Why can’t girls be naked?Many parents will be asked by their children confused, do not know how to answer.As children get older, the second characteristic becomes more and more obvious, with more and more differences between men and women.Many children will watch the animal world and observe the differences between animals. Careful children will also observe the differences between female animals and male animals. For example, why does the male lion have a long hair and the female lion does not?Some guys like to go shirtless in hot weather, but have not seen girls in front of their shirtless, will inevitably have some doubts.As children grow older, they are exposed to more and more things, which brings with it all kinds of problems.The child always has a passion for everything, more like a cat, with a novel and friendly view of the world.They not only do not understand many problems in life and study, but also feel very confused about the differences between men and women.For example, many people when they were young would ask, why are mom and dad different? Dad has a beard and mom doesn’t?Why can mom wear so many beautiful dresses, but dad can only wear suits?These are questions that can strike adults dumb.It is good for children to thirst for knowledge. They hope their questions can be explained reasonably. Parents need to enrich and beautify their spiritual world with words that children can understand, so that children can feel the beauty of the world.When it comes to those imaginative problems, adults often don’t know how to stand in the perspective of children to explain, with adult words, children will certainly not understand, if the explanation is not clear, children will continue to ask.There are three interesting pictures on the Internet. The first one shows that boys can go shirtless, but girls can’t.In the second picture, the man replied that because the girl had breasts to cover with clothes.This question and answer is also similar, adults may laugh at the child’s choice of perspective is unique, on the other hand, feel that the child said too straightforward.The third picture left her mother speechless. The girl replied that her mother was Princess Taiping, which made many mothers who were doing laundry and cooking at home innocent.I wonder what mom would think when she saw this answer and whether she could figure out how to answer these questions.When children play with their classmates at school, they will find that there are differences between boys and girls. Why do boys and girls go to the toilet separately?Why are girls allowed to have long hair while boys often have their hair cut?Why can girls wear skirts and boys wear pants?Why does the boy stand to go to the toilet while the girl should squat to go to the toilet?Why do girls and boys have different toys?How come girls like dolls so much and boys like cars and guns?Now many children will have their own mobile phones, like a variety of websites to browse information, parents a little negligence, will let children vulnerable to the impact of bad information network, coupled with most parents busy work, go out early and come back late, day to day to accompany their children less time, the children’s daily activities are not very understanding.If children are taken care of by grandparents, old people who do not understand electronic devices and spoil children will let them grow up by themselves, and will not be aware of the influence of mobile phones on children, let alone the influence of bad websites on children.Some parents even feel that gender issues are difficult to talk about, do not want to tell their children these information, but will make children more curious, will also aggravate the child’s rebellious heart.Children learn quickly, but not well.Bad men are easy to do, but good men are hard to do.There are too many bad temptation outside, inferior information video has become a roadblock for many children to grow up.Because children are young, inexperienced and pure in thought, they are most susceptible to outside influences.Children are angels sent from Heaven, and their parents are the guardians of the angels.A child’s sense of the world comes mostly from his or her parents’ evaluation.Parents are the first teachers of children, and many ideas need parents to guide children personally.More communication with children, more understanding of children’s psychological activities, although the work is very busy will be very tired, but the child’s growth without the company of parents, money is not enough, and the child’s childhood is only once, this is also the most critical step in their personality shaping.Company is the longest feeling, spend more time with children, let children feel the love of parents.Don’t get angry when your child asks you weird questions. Think about where the source of your child’s thinking is.Knowing more about your children and thinking more from their point of view will solve a lot of problems.