What is ace major of Inner Mongolia industry university?

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What is ace major of Inner Mongolia industry university?Ace of Inner Mongolia university of technology professional is architecture, energy and power engineering, chemical engineering and technology, information science and technology, logistics management (aviation logistics direction), electrical engineering and its automation, new energy science and engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation, urban and rural planning, material forming and control engineering.Generally speaking, most of the majors in this school are good.How to choose a major in College?1. You can choose your major according to your interests.Interest is the best teacher, learning what you are interested in will get twice the result with half the effort.For instance oneself are interested in the discipline that recites, can enter oneself for an examination Chinese language major, most is recited give priority to.Like logical reasoning, can enter oneself for an examination computer or programming major.Choose an art major if you like dancing.It also comes down to choosing what you’re good at.2. If you can’t find what you’re interested in, consider starting with your future direction.If can choose talent gap bigger major, perhaps obtain employment face wider major, too cold major had better not choose, unless you are very excellent, otherwise in the future from work is restricted very much.If you want to take the postgraduate or gonggong exams, choose a major that is not so competitive.Finally, consider your own financial situation.Some majors burn money from the beginning is the major, mostly art, sports, such as painting piano dance, need to undertake centralized training, it is not a small expense, the family is not too rich students or choose to call ordinary professional the most safe.