These are two great cities for retirement, low cost and good weather. It’s great

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In China, there are many things to consider when talking about a city suitable for “winter life”, such as social welfare, urban service level, urban environment and consumption level are also very important!First of all, the city environment, the city without green mountains and water, it must not attract people!Only fresh air is perfect, so as to make “retirement residence” easy.Next is consumption level, because retired, must value daily expenditure so, shenzhen, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other places are not quite appropriate!For the city environment is good, the consumption level is not high city, actually really many, for example, Qingyuan, Sanming, Yantai and so on, no matter where is very attractive place, suitable for “winter living”.However, Jay, the EDITOR of the UK, recommends the other two cities, because the air is fresh, the climate is pleasant, and there are many advantages of tourism scenery, because I live in the same city, so the lack of beautiful scenery, such a day is also boring.Now let’s see if there’s anything “weird” about these two cities.Famous historical and cultural city – Changzhou!Changzhou is an advanced manufacturing base and a famous cultural tourism city. The prospect of domestic industrial development and tourism culture construction is quite good.Changzhou is located in the triangle hinterland, with Wuxi, Nanjing, Zhenjiang and other famous cities bordering, geographical position is superior, in addition, Changzhou is also a cultural ancient city with more than 3200 years of history, maoshan scenic area within the territory!In addition to these natural beauty, changzhou’s famous tourism resources and spring and Autumn drowning city, Hongmei Pavilion, there are so many beautiful tourism Changzhou, the construction of the city is also very good, the hospital is full of flowers and trees, enjoy the honor of “2020 China livable city”.Changzhou really can be said to be built in the “garden” of the city, Changzhou does not have hangzhou, Nanjing as busy scene, there is no “big traffic jam” scene, in Changzhou just become relaxed, therefore, Changzhou is also evaluated by tourists as “beautiful castle, ideal retirement place”.The “gold coast” and “golden waterway” integration of the southern disease!Nantong — if you are familiar with it or not, you must know nantong, because Nantong is one of the “national historical and cultural cities” and a famous city with a history of one thousand years.Nantong is one of the first 14 coastal cities in China to open to the outside world. With 226 kilometers of coastline along the Yangtze River, nantong enjoys the reputation of “North Shanghai” for combining the advantages of “golden coast” and “golden waterway”.This shows how good nantong’s urban development conditions are.Nantong has an obvious maritime climate, with an average annual temperature of about 15.1 degrees. The climate here is mild, with sufficient light and four distinct seasons. The air is very good, which is suitable for old retirees to live in!Nantong has profound cultural deposits, rich domestic tourism resources, numerous famous mountains and beautiful waters, such as Haohe Scenic area, Wolf Mountain scenic area, etc., are the people are looking forward to the beautiful scenery!Nantong does not have the hustle and bustle of a big city, nor does it have the “overtime culture” of a famous science and technology city. There are only the beautiful Wolf Mountain scenic resort and the fascinating Moat scenic resort. Nantong is really a livable city with good climate and outstanding culture, suitable for “elderly living”!What do you think of these two places?I quite like this place, I can not only retire but also experience the local history and culture, it is really a good choice!