The Ministry of National Emergency Management posthumously awarded Comrade Lei Tianbo “Second-class Hero model of National Emergency Management System”

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 9, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Emergency management Department that recently, the National Emergency Management Department posthumously awarded Comrade Lei Tianbo “national emergency management system second-class hero model” title.Is asking the country to all the staff members and fire rescue personnel emergency management system following the example of thunder sky wave comrade, insist on people first, supremacy of life, always put the protection of people’s lives and safety as the most realistic “head” of countries, overall development and security, summon up towards the new journey, forge ahead of the new era, the vigor, enterprising, vigor,We will enhance community-level emergency management capabilities with loyalty and solid work, guard the forefront of risk prevention and control, serve high-quality economic and social development with high-level security, and welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with concrete actions.Lei Tianbo was secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Emergency Management Bureau of Lankao County, Kaifeng city.On December 15, 2020, Lei Tianbo was killed in a car accident at the age of 49 while on his way to Zhengzhou to attend a symposium on emergency management in Henan Province.From March 2019 to work since lankao county emergency management agency (fema), “three” the thunder sky wave JiaoYuLu comrades into emergency management, take the bull by the horns, and wholeheartedly dedicated, positive innovation, forge ahead, in the emergency management work, in the face of sudden disaster accident, he always immediately rushed to the scene, regardless of personal safety, first,We organized overnight relocation and resettlement of affected people, quickly and effectively directed and handled dangerous situations, and gained precious time to protect people’s lives and property.He resolutely fought against illegal activities in the field of work safety and carried out comprehensive supervision and law enforcement. During his term of office, there was “zero accident” of production safety fatalities in hazardous chemicals, fireworks, industry and trade.He based on the reality, from the organization system, rescue system, linkage mechanism, grass-roots support four efforts, promote the county, township, village three level emergency management reform, actively promote grass-roots emergency management ability, explore to create a set of effective county emergency management “Lankao mode”.”Lei Tianbo comrade with practical action to write the infinite loyalty to the party and the people, the inexhaustible love of emergency management, showing the new era of emergency responsibility and responsibility, for the emergency management team set up a model and benchmark, is the general emergency management system cadres and workers to learn the model.”Provincial emergency department related person in charge of introduction, Comrade Lei Tianbo as the only county representative to participate in the national emergency management work symposium and speak, has twice in the province’s emergency management system training class, undertake the province’s grass-roots emergency management work on-site meeting.Under his leadership, Lankao County Emergency Management Bureau was awarded the title of “The most Beautiful Emergency Management Worker in 2020” by the Central Publicity Department and the Emergency Management Department, and won many honors, such as the Advanced Unit of Public opinion publicity in National Emergency Management and collective commendation of Kaifeng for fighting COVID-19.After dying in the line of duty, he was successively posthumously awarded the titles of “Advanced Worker of Henan Emergency Management System”, “May 1 Labor Medal of Henan Province” and “Good Cadre learning and carrying forward jiao Yulu spirit”.Henan Province emergency management department party committee, Lankao County Party committee, Kaifeng City emergency management Party committee respectively issued a call to learn from the comrade, in the society set off a learning upsurge to Comrade Lei Tianbo.(Reporter: Li Fang)