“One hundred years” : “Son sang, do you think I’m good-looking?””Nice.”

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This issue is shared by: “One Hundred Years” (see comments)Zi Sang introduction and short reading impressions, small cookies.Lian Li opened a wonton restaurant. There were not many customers in the snow, but there was a strange guest: he was dressed in black and his eyes were dark and deep.And he said to him: Have you ever.Promised me a promise.Liane had never seen the guest before.After a few words of conversation, the man only said that he had come to fulfill his promise. However, the man did not say what promise he had made.Both close to reality, and a little “spirit.Different “xiao Tian Wen, the promise between the two have to go back.In life, Zi Sang’s status is “unusual”, look.You’ll see in the back. Got it.The emotional line is a little bit weak, but very romantic, very warm, whether the story between the main characters or supporting characters.”I’ve come to see you fulfill your promise.”Lianli leng leng, and the man carefully look.After a while, helpless way: “I really don’t recognize you.””I’ll get you an umbrella.”The man put his hand on the door and said, “No.”Lian li walked to the door, took off her umbrella and handed it to the man. She bent her eyes and said, “You borrow and you return. That’s how people connect.”Some people and things can not be considered in the heart, once it is considered, it is good to remember, once remembered, more pile worry, something nothing always love to take out to think about.After the day of Start of Winter, li Yi was married.Straight at the son mulberry.The light from the street lamps was soft, showing the falling flakes and the white snow, and the two men looked at each other through the snow.With those deep as deep as the pool.Bottomless eyes, suddenly gave birth to a strange sense of familiarity.”Zi-sang, you think I’m pretty.?””Nice.””Why don’t you come in?””Don’t want to return the umbrella.”Knot: “……”The umbrella covered the heads of the two people, blocking most of the snow, Li Laughed softly, his voice low soft: “If you don’t return, how can I borrow again?””This promise must be kept, no matter how many years have passed.The only thing is that if one of them is forgotten, the other won’t do anything about it. If he wants to get in, he won’t do anything about it, and if he wants to get out, he won’t be happy.””Pretty, also called a pair of wings, but with my name some match.What kind of person is he?”Zi Sang looked up and said softly, “Ta is fine.”…”Just as good as you.”- “You don’t know me.”You don’t know who I am.”I want to know.”Zi Sang looked at ta and whispered.”What do you want from me?””A pair of birds flying wing to wing is also linked with branches of trees.”-end- Thanks for reading!Pictures: Except for personal collection, no holding pictures.Accidentally put the abuse to the line go into sweet pet line “:” I’m really, you don’t have any way to “the east king:” even if I lost memory, is also delighted to see you “” funerals” : even know no match for death, I still love you “he love me so much?” : “ChiNing, you can be capricious, don’t so good.”Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the little crab bookstore