Nine elderly people in Shanghai were swindled out of 6 million yuan, but the bank’s wealth manager moved to the stock market to buy a house for his lover

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He is short of money to speculate in the stock market, he thought of defrauding old customers. Zhang, the former financial manager of a bank, took 6 million yuan of financial funds from many old customers as his own, and squandered them.Recently, the Shanghai Hongkou District People’s Court heard the case in public.Zhang began to work as a bank teller in 1997 and moved to a bank as a financial account manager in 2005.With more and more time in the bank work, every day to see the large amount of money in and out of customers, Zhang’s heart is also itching, want to handle funds, investment to make a lot of money.At this point, as a senior financial customer manager Zhang maintained a lot of long-term cooperation with old customers, so moved to divert customer funds to stock speculation to make money.Around 2015, Zhang concealed from the bank, privately in the name of funds “bridge”, third-party loans, capital preservation and high interest, help finance, and so on, requiring old customers to transfer funds to Zhang’s brother’s bank card or directly to their own fund account management.According to Zhang to the case account, the most, he hands up to more than 20 million yuan of funds.But Zhang is really not good at investing.He will be money into the stock market, gold, futures market, before long, the stock and other high-risk investment losses are serious, there is a capital gap, Zhang can only tear down Peter to pay Paul, maintain the “Ponzi scheme”.Still, Zhang was obsessed with the numbers on his account, and in 2019, he cheated on a woman and paid 2 million yuan for her house.In December 2020, zhang’s bank found that zhang had money exchanges with customers through relatives’ accounts and cashed out with credit cards during an investigation of internal employees, which seriously violated rules and regulations, so Zhang was fired.A month later, Zhang surrendered to the public security organs.Up to the case, Zhang a total of 9 victims from Ms Li defrauded funds 6 million yuan.At the same time, Zhang also to the bank to purchase gifts brush points, help customers waived annual credit card fees and other names from three customers to obtain credit cards and passwords, accumulated cash of 640,000 yuan to repay personal debt.These 9 victims are mostly retired old people, among them, Wang Aunt and Zhang mou met for more than ten years, has been through his business, he is very trusting, so the loss is the most disastrous, was cheated more than 2 million yuan.Court found that zhang mou USES its identity as a bank financing account manager, to get the victim to trust, to “bridge” mat endowment, capital preservation high-interest, on behalf of finance, such as name diddle money for personal risk investment, to repay the debt, to a third party to buy a house, daily expenses, such as spending behavior, and to transfer some money to his wife’s bank account after withdrawal.The court believes that Zhang mou for the purpose of illegal possession, the use of fictional facts, concealing the truth of the method, defrauding others of property, the amount is particularly huge, its behavior has constituted the crime of fraud;Zhang mou uses others’ credit card fraudulently, the amount is particularly huge, its behavior has constituted the crime of credit card fraud.Eventually, the court to the defendant Zhang committed fraud, credit card fraud, several crimes combined punishment, sentenced to 15 years in prison, and a fine of 400,000 yuan.