Cloud to promote employment!Anhua county launched a live webcast to recruit 100,000 people

2022-05-08 0 By

Yiyang Daily · Dayyiyang Client News (correspondent Wu Yi Yang Hui) “We have come to Anhua for recruitment for four consecutive years. This year’s network broadcast makes me feel that job seekers are paying more and more attention to the company.”Anhua county held the 2022 “Spring breeze sends warmth, employment sends true feelings” webcast job fair on February 11, a company recruitment manager said.67 enterprises from inside and outside the province provided 10,000 jobs for job seekers and attracted 100,000 participants.The online job fair focuses on migrant workers, fishermen, unemployed college graduates, people out of poverty, people with employment difficulties and enterprises with employment needs, and promotes all kinds of key groups with labor ability and employment intention to find employment as soon as possible.On the live broadcast site, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise and the host incarnation of the anchor take turns to participate in the “screen to screen” live broadcast to release the recruitment positions, and from the enterprise overview, job information, benefits and other aspects of a full range of explanation, job seekers can directly communicate with enterprises online in the live broadcast room, to reach employment intentions.A total of 100,000 people attended the two-hour live job fair, with nearly 1,000 promising jobs.”Our job fair combines online and offline, mainly in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time, it is convenient for people to find jobs and send jobs to the countryside.”Xia Chun, deputy director of the Human resources and Social Security Bureau of Anhua County, said that next, Anhua County will continue to hold a number of offline job fairs under the “Spring Breeze Action” to help workers and employers effectively connect, effectively guarantee the employment needs of enterprises, and help job seekers achieve employment.