Backcountry skiing collision injury at your own risk and loss

2022-05-08 0 By

Pan Congwu, DONG-A Ilbo correspondent LU Xuelian The Winter Olympics has attracted many sports enthusiasts to join the ranks of ice and snow sports. Many of them want to challenge themselves like athletes in the competition.But to ski must first have the corresponding strength, and then should also be carried out in the regular ski resort.”Ski wild” and want to fly?The result is likely to be more thrillers than surprises.Recently, the People’s Court of Jinghe County, Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, heard a case of disputes caused by skiing.The court found that yao and Qu, who were skiing with their family, pushed their nephew and daughter, who were riding on a snow ring, down a 200-meter slope and hit Lee, who was skiing on the same slope, injuring lee and causing economic losses of 15,270.52 won.Subsequently, the police station, the judicial mediation fruitless, Li appealed to jinghe County people’s court, yao, qu compensation for losses.Jinghe Court held that according to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 1,176 of the Civil Code, if the victims of voluntary participation in cultural and sports activities with certain risks suffer damage due to the behavior of other participants, they shall not claim other participants to bear tort liability;However, any other participant who intentionally or grossly negligently caused the damage shall be excluded.In this case, Li mou did not provide evidence to prove that Qu mou, Yao mou intentionally caused Li mou injury behavior, also did not provide evidence that two people have gross negligence behavior.Accordingly, the court rejected the lawsuit request of Li mou.The judge said after the court, skiing is a risky sports project, with a certain skill, risk.In this case, the original and the defendant chose to ski in the suburbs without organizers and managers, not a regular ski resort.As a person with full capacity for civil conduct, Lee is fully capable of judging the high risk of skiing with a simple snow ring in a crowded and unsupervised suburb.Accordingly, the court made the above judgment.Source: Rule of Law Daily