220214 La Liga + Serie A, viola difficult to deal with the weak side, real Mallorca at home to grab points

2022-05-08 0 By

Tonight is the last day of the round of five league matches, tomorrow will start the Champions League knockout round, the middle table teams also experienced a week of double matches, can adapt to the dense schedule has yet to be tested.Spezia v Fiorentina Spezia, who ended a three-game winning streak with a 2-2 draw at Salernitana, are in a good position to avoid relegation, but will not be in a position to finish high.Team strength is limited, the full use of tactics to achieve the effect of snatching points.The viola’s 3-2 midweek win over Atalanta, which ended a two-game winless run, was a morale boost but a physical one.The team is erratic, up and down, not strong enough on the road.Past games with Fiorentina in the lead, the numbers are skewed.But the current state is more difficult to determine, away from the fear of difficult pursuit.Spezia is undefeated.Real Mallorca v Athletic Bilbao real Mallorca beat Fc Cadiz 2-1 in the last round to end a four-game losing streak.The current relegation pressure is still very big, home or relatively strong, 11 games only 2 defeat.They still have the tactics of keeping even against strong opponents.Biba drew 1-1 with Valencia in the Copa del Rey in midweek, unbeaten in 5 games, relatively stable, but physical deficit, it is away from home.But they are also very strong with only one defeat in 12 away games.Biba had the upper hand in previous matches.The statistics support Biba but not enough, mallorca also have the ability to snatch points at home.Both sides are tied.