The second generation changan CS75 PLUS three color design

2022-05-07 0 By

Recently released new changan changan and CS75 PLUS | inquiry (parameters) referred to as the second generation of changan CS75 PLUS (official) interior official figure.The interior of the new car is named star Dream cabin, and the whole has a good sense of luxury and science and technology.According to previous news, the interior of the new car will provide deep black gray, vibrant red gray and quiet blue and white three color design, this release for the latter two.Among them, the quiet and happy blue and white style tends to be elegant, while the energetic red gray tends to be more athletic.Specifically, the new car dashboard and central control screen adopts double 12.3-inch dual-screen design, and adopts ultra-long integrated curved surface without crease process, to enhance the sense of technology in the car.In addition, the new car is also equipped with a three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, an integral seat and a yacht-style shift mechanism in contrasting colors, which is luxurious and sporty at the same time.Looking back, the new car has a new front face design, with the front air intake grille changed to a bezel-less styling style, and the internal mesh structure changed to a “V” shape.In addition, the new lamp group style is also more narrow and long, with the front surrounded on both sides of the very sharp cooling opening shape, so that the fashion sense of the new car has been very improved.On the side of the body, the overall shape of the new car keeps the design of cash models. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4700/1865/1710mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2710mm.For the rear part, the new car adopts the popular through-through taillight group. With the special-shaped taillight on both sides, it is very recognizable after lighting up.In addition, the new car is still equipped with the roof spoiler, tail diffuser and bilateral exhaust layout of a total of four, the overall movement of the atmosphere.In terms of power, the new car is expected to continue the existing blue Whale NE series 1.5T and 2.0T engines, with maximum power of 178 HP and 233 HP, respectively, and maximum torque of 265 n · m and 360 N · m, respectively.In terms of transmission, the 1.5t engine is matched with the AIxin 6-speed manual transmission, and the 2.0t engine is matched with the Aixin 8-speed manual transmission.