The cyber police broke up a criminal gang that launched rampant “DDOS” attacks

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Have you ever come across a situation where a website suddenly doesn’t open, the server doesn’t work, the site automatically redirects…It doesn’t have to be a faulty connection, it could be that the site you’re logging on to is being attacked by a hacker.In early August 2021, police in Xinyi, Jiangsu Province, discovered that a website platform was actually providing hacking tools for others to carry out DDOS attacks under the guise of conducting “stress tests”.What’s more, the platform also claims to provide “DDOS call” service!After grasping this situation, xinyi City Public Security Bureau network security brigade immediately set up a task force, to carry out the case investigation work.The division of labor is clear, the organization of careful investigation found that the website founder of “Xiaohei DDOS pressure test platform” developed multi-level agents to provide network attack services in order to increase the popularity of the circle.After registering an account, users can exchange their purchased cards for 10 packages, including daily cards, weekly cards and monthly cards, and then use the packages to attack the target IP address.To evade regulation, the founders put their websites on overseas servers, thinking they would be safe.Therefore, they are unscrupulously attacking domestic and foreign websites to send a large number of SNTP/SSDP protocol packets, and the peak traffic is as high as 21.61g/s, causing extremely strong attack damage to the target server.In a few months, the platform registered more than 30,000 members, attacked more than 10,000 websites!Going everywhere and successfully catching such rampant behavior, it’s natural that the police can’t escape their pursuit.Process here inconvenience details, in short, public security organs launched a lot of work, the case is solved.From August to September 2021, the task force went to Henan, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other 10 provinces and 16 cities to arrest, successfully arrested Wang Yong and other suspects, making illegal profits of more than 3 million yuan, seized more than 60 mobile phones, hard disks, computers and other equipment used to carry out crimes.At present, the relevant criminal suspects have been prosecuted by the procuratorial organs.Tip 1. System Hardening.Periodically scan for vulnerabilities, install patches, and close unnecessary ports and services to reduce the risk of intrusion.2, the use of adequate network bandwidth and high-performance network equipment.DDos attacks interrupt device operation by consuming network resources and expand sufficient bandwidth. Devices from major brands, such as routers, switches, and hardware firewalls can reduce the impact of DDos attacks to a certain extent. At present, some devices from major brands also provide anti-ddos functions.3, access to high protection products.You can select appropriate high-defense products, such as high-defense servers and high-defense CDN, based on your own defense requirements and network environment.Hide the real IP address of the server.Hiding the source IP address prevents attackers from directly attacking the source server, effectively protecting website security.Image capture materials | | network Internet police in jiangsu province