Overnight call to Saudi Uae!Blinken began to prepare for the war, and the EU was in its throat

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Us Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a telephone conversation with Saudi Arabia in the United Arab Emirates, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on January 26. The main topics of the talks were the border situation between Russia and Ukraine.Because Saudi Arabia and the UNITED Arab Emirates are both big oil exporters, Blinken called both countries overnight to say he was preparing for a post-war oil and gas supply problem. The eu’s heart must have been in its mouth when he heard about this, because energy supplies are so important to them.The situation along the Border between Russia and Ukraine is escalating under the provocation of the United States, and many European anti-Russia countries have provided Ukraine with “defensive” weapons assistance, the British authorities previously high-profile said that their aid to Ukraine’s weapons and equipment has arrived in Kiev.American and British soldiers have been present in Ukraine under the banner of training Ukrainian soldiers.In addition to ordinary combat soldiers, belonging to the cia’s special forces have been deployed in the bass line region, these special forces soldiers often helped wu army to attack donbass militias, and it is impossible to directly intervene in the matter of the Russian authorities, bath area of independence is not recognized by the United Nations,So the Ukrainian army’s attack on eastern Ukraine is an internal problem.The EU is also very concerned about Russia and Ukraine, because Europe relies on imports of more than 90% of its petrochemical resources, so they worry that a direct armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine will affect Russia’s energy supply to Europe., according to people familiar with the European Union has at least 35% of the supply of natural gas resources is Russia, once Russia’s gas supply is affected, the European energy prices will continue to rise, such a situation would threaten the stability of the European Union, so blinken night the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia is likely to be in to discuss Europe’s energy supplies,Because the US wants Europe to fully support its actions.At present, the Russian army has been deployed on the border with Ukraine and belarus, the Russian troops deployed in Belarus can quickly move to Kiev at the request of the Kremlin, and the Russian airborne troops can coordinate with the ground forces to carry out raids on key facilities in the area around Kiev.Given the speed of the Russian advance and the distance between the Border and Kiev, the Russian troops could reach Kiev in just over an hour.The number of Ukrainian troops in the country is effective, and the main defensive direction is on the border with Ukraine. The number of Ukrainian troops on the border with Ukraine is very small, and it is very difficult for them to defend against the Russian attack.Analysts point out that Russia will not choose to compromise on the issue of Donbas, once the donbas region problems, Russia will be difficult to continue to control the Crimean Peninsula, and lose control of Crimea, Russia will completely lose the ability to defend the Black Sea.Experts point out that the game between Russia and Ukraine is actually a game between the United States and Russia, with each country trying to expand its own advantage.