Mount Lushan is one of the most famous mountains in China. Which province is it located in?

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Mount Lushan is one of the most famous mountains in China. Which province is it located in?Located in Jiangxi Province, Mount Lushan is one of the most famous mountains in China. It enjoys a long reputation for its natural scenery, history and culture.Recommend 8 main scenic spots: 1. Guling Street; 2.2, flower diameter;3. Splendid Valley;4. Fairy Cave;5. Triassic Spring;6, Five old Peak;7 Contain pokou,;8. Dragon Head Cliff;9 / lu.Mount Lushan is one of the most famous mountains in China. Located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, Mount Lushan enjoys a long reputation for its natural scenery and historical culture.The scenic area has a total of nearly 100 peaks, qixiong precipitous, charming fairy, many spring waterfalls and strange holes and rocks, the mountain also retains a number of modern, contemporary famous figures vacation site.The cool climate here makes it one of the country’s most famous summer resorts, but there are attractions to visiting in winter.1. Guling Street.Located in the center of Lushan Mountain is lushan administrative agency location, has the reputation of the city in the clouds, tree-shaded governance, like a small town is the same as tourists, hiking tour of the distribution center, near the Small Tianchi and Wangjiang Pavilion is overlooking the Yangtze River, enjoy the sea of clouds in the best place.2, flower diameter.The great poet bai Juyi of tang Dynasty wrote poems and inscriptions on Mount Lushan. There are flower areas, flower exhibition areas and water tourist areas where flowers are blooming like brocade and lake water is clear.3, Beautiful Valley.On the west side of the path, there is a 2.5km long gorge with many dangerous cliffs and strange rocks. It is magnificent. There are rugged cliffs on the valley wall for sightseeing and clouds steaming and xiaming when it is cloudy and rainy.Immortal Cave.At the west exit of jinxiu Valley, there is a natural cave like immortal hands, about 20 meters deep. According to legend, it is the place where the famous Taoist Lu Dongbin became immortal in tang Dynasty. It is famous for MAO Zedong’s poem “The Immortal Cave on Lushan Mountain”.5. Triassic Spring.The beautiful waterfall north of the Five Old Peaks, Li Bai has a poem “flying straight down three hundred feet, suspected is the Milky Way nine days” refers to here, points fell down three levels, a total drop of 155 meters, after the storm the largest amount of water, rapids splashing, thunder roaring.6, five old feng.Five connected mountains, tall and handsome, 1410 meters above sea level, sunny days majestic mountains, rainy days in the vast sea of clouds stand upright.The best views are on the fifth and fourth peaks.7. Swallow pokou.Located in the southeast of Lushan Mountain, it is named after poyang Lake because it wants to swallow poyang Lake with its mouth open. It is the viewing place overlooking the Five Old Peaks and Poyang Lake, and the best place to enjoy the sea of clouds and sunrise.Dragon Head Cliff.In jinxiu Lake and big Tianchi in the southwest of a dangerous cliff dangerous wall there is a monolith, such as the head of the dragon, so named, here is a good place to watch the sea of clouds and mists, standing on the cliff like clouds, wings to fly.9. Mei LuLocated in a large villa in the east valley of Guling, the area of nearly one thousand square meters, in the 20th century in the last century 30~70’s, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party held many important meetings here, Chiang Kai-shek, Song Meiling, MAO Zedong has lived in this.To learn more, please follow the happy Jin Xiaoyu