Huaiyin District to launch a batch of Huaiyin Yellow River Culture “punch cards” in the next five years

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China Shandong network – perception Shandong February 17, 17, the communist Party of China Jinan Huaiyin District 13th congress of the first plenary meeting, sun Changjian on behalf of the Communist Party of China Jinan Huaiyin District 12th Committee to the conference report.Sun Changjian said, focus on cultural prosperity, to build a civilized and harmonious leading area.Promote cultural prosperity and development, promote the unity of meeting the cultural needs of the masses and enhancing the spiritual strength of the masses, strive to create a state-level all-for-one tourism demonstration area, build qilu Yellow River culture highland with national influence, and strive to become the leader of “Cultural Jinan”.Strive to build “Quancheng Culture and Art Meeting Room”, comprehensively enhance the national influence of “One courtyard four museums”, Impression Jinan, Fang Te Oriental God painting, The City of Time Art and other cultural tourism brands;The author deeply excavates the cultural resources and time value of Huaiyin District along the Yellow River, carefully analyzes the status of representative projects and inheritors of Huaiyin District along the Yellow River intangible cultural heritage corridor, focuses on the construction of the Yellow River intangible cultural heritage corridor, launches a batch of Huaiyin Yellow River culture “card”, and constantly improves the soft power and influence of urban culture.At the same time, we will make efforts to draw a blueprint for urban and rural civilization, build a set of civilization standards, train a volunteer team, share a set of cultural facilities, build a set of promotion teams, and promote the establishment of a model city of national civilization with high standards.We will do our best to protect traditional culture and historical relics, make full use of the red culture, Yellow River culture, commercial port culture, industrial culture and other characteristic resources, protect and continue the urban context, and enrich the expression of The Times as “the gateway to Qilu, the capital of medical care”.Making cultural huimin project, the implementation of “1311 HuaiYin culture interest action plan”, promoting “art HuaiYin” construction, to promote Chinese music “ms guzheng performance across the country, China opera festival and other large national cultural activities held in HuaiYin, make full use of the central academy of music (jinan) implementation of key projects such as art center, extensive mass sport,We took the lead in initiating the socialized operation of the main branches of the library, so that the “fragrance of pagoda trees” could be integrated into people’s life, so that pagoda trees could not only smell the fragrance of flowers everywhere, but also send out a strong fragrance of books everywhere.