Her son fell ill, and her mother put him in a cage to take care of him for 40 years. In an interview, she said: I am a sinner

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More than 40 years later, when the 88-year-old peng wai sister looked at silly Peng Weiqing, she still believe that this life can wait for the son to recover that day.The old man’s lifelong ambition was to hear his son say “niang”.First, the story began in 1953, overseas Chinese Peng Jing met Peng sister, two people have not shallow feelings for each other, not before long married.Cooperate to go up in the life and work wife, Peng Jing decides to return home to settle down in this year, two people return peng Jing’s old home Henan Zhengzhou together.They went to work in the first national cotton factory at the same time, and worked hard to make a living. For the couple, the days ahead were full of happiness and peace.Before long, Peng wai sister soon gave birth to three daughters, for the growth of the child, husband and wife are struggling to be full of flavor, although tired, but the in the mind is satisfied, the only regret is that there is no son.In 1964, life gave the family a surprise, Peng wai sister gave birth to a young son Peng Weiqing for her husband, this can put the family happy bad, children, the original happy life on a new floor.The arrival of new life let Peng Jing husband and wife is love and fear, for the arrival of their son Peng Weiqing, the couple take care of is meticulous, even if the son cough will affect two people tight nerves.However, when bad luck comes, no matter how careful you are, you can’t stop it.One night when Peng Weiqing was two years old, he had a sudden high fever.At the time, the couple thought it was just a common cold and tried the traditional method of reducing the fever by applying a cold towel to their child’s forehead.In the past, my daughters also used these steps when they had a fever, and there was no problem with emotion or logic.However, Peng Weiqing’s high fever did not return, no matter what method he used. His face was red and his body was boiling hot. This situation remained unconscious until the next day.Only then did the couple realize the seriousness of the problem and rushed the child to the hospital.Unfortunately, two people missed the best opportunity to treat their son, high fever led to encephalitis, peng Weiqing’s INTELLIGENCE quotient and action will always be like a child of one or two years old.Bad luck happened, almost took away the husband and wife half life, these two days happened will become a nightmare, always winding in their hearts, faint pain.After Peng Weiqing came home, just as the doctor said, no one in the family knew him, and he stumbled when walking, not to mention talking and acting coquetry, with only “ow” in his mouth.Peng sister husband and wife’s heart is like a leak of a hole, which is hidden from the pain of the soul, with remorse has been torturing himself.But the couple still hold out hope that one day the child will return to normal.Over the next few years, they traveled with their son, seeking famous doctors and, at the very least, restoring him to a normal standard of living and taking care of himself.Unfortunately, looking at the savings at home a little less, Peng Weiqing has not been improved, the couple can only take care of the heart at home, looking forward to their love can change back to the child’s health.However, life will not become better because of your good expectations, with the passage of time, Peng Weiqing was originally serious disease towards a worse direction, just walk stumbling, now it will fall on the ground constantly twitch, sometimes will hit the wall.Peng Weiqing then got manic disease, the whole like a beast, in addition to howling, is unreasonable impact, get all over the wound, sometimes will attack family members.Such a situation makes street neighbors scared, dare not approach the Peng family, every time passing their house, will hear hysterical Shouting, listening to people all over the tremble.No doubt, Peng sister husband and wife suffered, not only to take care of their son, but also to face other people’s gossip, those ugly words every day like a knife inserted into her heart.Second, after Peng Weiqing’s condition continued to deteriorate, there was no better treatment to stop him from going crazy.Peng and his wife had mixed feelings. After seeing their son not only hurt others, but also hurt themselves, they decided to build a wooden cage and put their son inside, so that many people could avoid being hurt.It’s hard to imagine how the couple must have felt when they locked their son in a cage for the first time, watching the man in the cage as a beast, and feeling nothing but tears of happiness as parents.Peng Weiqing shouted every day in the cage, peng outside sister sat in front of the cage to appease.Sometimes, Peng weiqing tried to escape from the cage and kept hitting, leaving bruises all over his body, which made his mother’s heart ache even more.Once, Peng weiqing hit so hard that he stuck his head in the middle of the cage.The couple tried for a long time but couldn’t get their son off, so they had to cut him open.Who knows just released less than a day, when the mother cooking Peng Weiqing will go to grab her hands of the kitchen knife, Peng wai sister hurriedly stop, but was the son heavily hit a punch, almost blind.Grazing is not the way, Peng wai sister husband and wife, and to create a stronger wood cage, peng Weiqing will be shut in again.This time the family breathed a sigh of relief as their son was trapped inside, unable to reach his head or hands.But when she woke up the next morning, Peng saw her son’s mouth and the edge of the cage were covered with blood, which frightened her and made her shiver. She knew that her son had bitten the wood all night and lost two teeth.Helpless, the couple had to change the cage again.This time in order to prevent Peng Weiqing bite the cage, directly get a lot of steel pipe, asked people to weld a meter seven high, one meter five long, one meter wide cage, and under the wheel, can move more convenient.Peng weiqing has lived in this third cage for 40 years.Born as a man, Peng Weiqing no longer has love, studies and laughter in his life, and the life he has never experienced is like a dandelion floating farther and farther away.Peng and his wife, who had been waiting for their son to settle down and marry a good wife, now sat in front of the cage, confessing over and over again.Since the son shut into the cage, Peng wai sister basic a month also can not a few times the door, every day in front of the cage, son hungry to eat, bored to a plaything, but also looked at him can not be stuffed into the mouth.Sometimes Peng Weiqing urine pants, but also to change back and forth, the Peng Weiqing tired fatigue.Whenever the son finally stopped a little, Peng wai sister sat in front of the cage to stay, from time to time to recall the son when he was a child, white fat, Peng wai sister said that is “bear bean”, is very popular.Whenever I think of these, Peng wai – mei’s mouth will inadvertently smile, and in a flash sink again, into the endless sorrow.Later, as time went by, peng’s three daughters got married one after another and could not return home several times a year, leaving only the couple to take care of Peng Weiqing.Time to 2002, her husband Peng Jing fell ill, in order not to drag the family, he moved to a nursing home to live, who knows less than two months died, before dying, still talking about his son.Her husband left, take care of the son’s heavy task can only be carried by peng outside sister a person, outsiders is difficult to imagine the hardships and pain.When Peng wai-mei reached her age, she went through retirement procedures and took care of her at home. Her monthly subsistence allowance of 2000 yuan and 400 yuan was her entire financial source.Peng wai mei is strong, great motherhood in her body never faded, she has to endure the grief of her husband’s death, but also to think about the future of their son every day.What will my son do if he dies one day?Whenever I think of this problem, Peng’s heart is like a shot put, once not supported, it will hit the ground heavily.In order to prevent their disease, Peng can only not think about these problems, they can live day by day.Three, later, peng Wai sister’s deeds are known to the outside world, there are reporters directly to provide help, and interview Peng Wai sister’s life.That afternoon, the reporter just to peng wai sister home not long, Peng Weiqing there came a bad smell.Peng wai sister said, “just changed in the morning, and urine,” and then opened the cage to “fish” him out.It took more than ten minutes to clean the cage and put on new trousers.At this time peng wai sister is old, busy after helping gasp for a few breaths, these forty years are so come over.And so on the breath of some calm, Peng wai sister said to the reporter: let’s talk, I do not have a person to talk all day.Reporter: When did you realize your son would be like this forever?Hearing the question, Peng sighed and said she always believed her son would have a better day.When Peng Weiqing was 2 years old, she believed her son would be fine when he was 10 years old.When Peng Weiqing was 10 years old, she firmly believed that her son was 18 years old.Life has moved on for more than 40 years in constant expectation.Children grow bigger and bigger, or so, Peng outside sister’s heart is also completely put down, no matter how to say, this is his son, to keep.At this point, peng’s eyes lit up again and she said, “Look at him. He is clean and clean. I change him all day long.”The reporter ask again: that you have moved “not raise” idea?Peng wai mei said that people at that time, no matter how hard they suffered, they would not leave their son behind.Before there was a sick child with Peng Weiqing, is the same hospital teacher Lu’s child, she is paralyzed, but also has been taking care of, but the child has gone.Even when cats and dogs get sick, people send them to the doctor.What’s more, this is my son, even if the brain does not develop, my wife and I will try every means to see a doctor for him.Now my wife is gone and I am alone. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night, so I lie in every bed in the house.When the reporter asked peng if she ever complained about her fate, the old lady replied: I don’t know what fate is, I just know that one day is a day.Sometimes I think I’m in my 80s and my son is in his 50s, so I’m lucky to have lived so long.Finally the reporter asked: before someone invited you on TV, want to help you, why did not go?I don’t want to be on TV. I don’t want people to say that I’m both of us.I’m uneducated, I can’t speak, and I’m ashamed of the microphone.I have only one son, and I did not raise him well. I am a sinner, and I do not want people to see my sin.Very soon, peng’s affair caused widespread concern of the society, some units of love have sent condolence gold and relevant assistance.Peng puts all the money in her son’s name, in case she is not there that day, she can leave a way out.Zhengzhou Qiaoguang Hospital sent nurses and doctors to the mother and child free physical examination, looking at peng Weiqing in the cage, the heart of the medical staff is not easy.Looking at strangers, Peng Weiqing “ow” call, Peng outside sister can only coax him to cooperate with the inspection.Peng then opened the iron cage that had been shut for 45 years and sent her son to a nursing home.Now, the 88-year-old Peng sister body is getting worse and worse, but still clean up the home, free to go to the nursing home to see his son, see him well, the heart is much happier.”Even when my mother can’t take care of my brother, our sisters will never give him up,” said Peng Xiurong, peng weiqing’s second sister.We won’t touch it until we have to, even if it means hiring someone to take care of him in the future, or buying him a way to go out in the sun.Hearing what her daughter said, the strong Peng sister or left tears.”As long as I live, I’ll let him (Peng Weiqing) live every day.I am gone, keep these kind people donated money, he still rely on this money to see a doctor, live.”