Chengdu Tianfu New District teacher recruitment!Six insurance one gold, can settle!Treatment of optimal

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Chengdu Tianfu New District Yunduo Kindergarten 2022 Recruitment NoticeLaw-abiding, moral integrity, dedication, sense of responsibility, without any bad record.2. Love the cause of early childhood education, able to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities stipulated in teachers Law of the People’s Republic of China, abide by the professional ethics of teachers, have a solid professional foundation and skills.3. Physically and mentally healthy, able to perform the corresponding job duties.4. All personnel must hold a health certificate issued by the health department before starting work.1. Love the cause of early childhood education, physical and mental health, dedication, good at cooperation.2. Good professional ethics, solid professional skills and foundation;Have frontier educational vision and big picture view.College degree or above.4. Have the kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, mandarin level of Grade 2 A.5. 2-3 years working experience is preferred.(1) Salary: due to the post set remuneration, work more and get more, high reward for excellent performance.2. A complete welfare system of six social insurances and one Housing Fund.(3) to enjoy the national professional title evaluation, promotion and capital increase, evaluation and selection qualifications.(IV) Enjoy the policies of settling down in Tianfu New Area, buying houses and children’s enrollment.(V) According to the implementation Measures of tianfu Talent Plan of Chengdu Direct Administration Area of Sichuan Tianfu New Area (Revised Edition) (Tiancheng Management Office (2019) No. 24), the applicants can apply according to the procedures and enjoy the subsidy of 1 million talents and corresponding service guarantee at most.Application Method Recruitment Process Send resume -> Resume Screening -> Assessment interview -> Recruit Send resume Download Application form (click download application form), fill it out and send it to with the name of “Position + name”.Interview location: 123 Yunduo Road, Xinxing Street, Tianfu New District, Chengdu City.