Rural elderly pensions not enough?Old people in rural areas are blessed with new ways to provide for the elderly

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After people retires annuities is conditional, the first condition arrived legal age to deal with emeritus namely, and the social security that the 2nd condition is pay should satisfy 15 years.Normally people can get a pension as long as they have a job and have paid insurance for 15 years.Rural people do not receive as much pension as urban workers.In the early days, the economic development of the countryside was poor, and people in the village only expected to have enough to eat, not any jobs.They also have no way to work in the city, they naturally households engaged in some labor to make money, they feed themselves are lucky, there is no money to pay social security, what’s more, they also have no this kind of consciousness at that time, so this creates a problem, the rural elderly pension is not enough to spend, but according to this case, the endowment has a new way,The elderly in the countryside are blessed.As the saying goes, if you have a son, will your retirement life be better?Certainly not, now the society has changed, people’s life is very tired.Everyone thinks that the young people in the village can build a good villa with tens of thousands of yuan, and the daughter-in-law is also easy to marry.Ideal is full, reality is skinny.Young people in rural areas also face a lot of pressure. Nowadays, people are in pursuit of material things. They want a better life.There’s nothing wrong with rural old people wanting a better life, but they don’t do it. They often end up as neets.Raising children has lost its essence and become a father taking care of his son.The elderly in rural areas generally earn their money by coolies. As they get older, the sequelae of long years of work will appear, and they have various physical problems.In order not to suffer, can only spend money to buy some medicine.I was already poor, and suddenly I was even more so, but fortunately there were new ways to provide for my old age.▲ Villagers housing pension this new pension method is housing pension, what is the specific situation?In early January this year, a new change to the civil code was made to the local integration policy.This policy is a rare piece of good news for rural people.Under such a policy, villagers can enjoy their homestead at will, and there will be great room for the appreciation of rural houses. In the future, villagers can completely rely on their houses for retirement.Some cities have also piloted relevant policies. Now the value of land is immeasurable. The government wants to take back some land and make good use of these land resources.▲ The government does not allow people to quit the homestead. Meanwhile, the government will give them pension service to compensate them. They can live happily in their old age without any worries.In addition, the unique scenery of the village will attract people to visit, and the villagers can completely use those vacant houses as homestay for their living, which is an effective use of housing resources.At the same time, if you are older and there is no one in your family to farm the land, you can sublet the land to others and negotiate the rent price with them. It is ok to ask for money or some of the money or some of the grain, so that the living expenses of the villagers will be higher.▲ Summary: The pension of rural people is certainly less than that of urban workers. The villagers also suffered a lot of injuries from working for years when they were young, which showed up when they were older. Their pension is obviously not enough.To solve their problem, a new approach has been developed.