Yan school comes from Lao Tan school. Why are those who like it obsessed and intoxicated, and those who don’t like it sniffed at

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In the past, there was a saying “art is not easy to pass”. Why do you say so?Because being able to sing opera means that you can earn real money through this “craft”.Therefore, in the past, there was a saying in the pear garden: It is better to give up an mu of land than to teach a drama.As we all know, the old schools of Beijing Opera are derived from Tan Xinpei’s Old Tan school.They learn tan is not easy, take Yu Shuyan to compare it, that year in order to worship Tan, but devoting all the scheming, but, he tried, Tan is not accepted.He had no choice but to consult with Tan’s collaborators and listen to Tan’s records.But this is no good, without my point, want to enter the entrance guard of this art is very difficult.So he tried his best to bring out the good things from his home, antique cigarettes and so on to make Old Tan happy.At last, Lao Tan agreed to accept him, but even if he did, he would not tell him about his master plays, such as The Empty City Plan and Dingjun Mountain.Once, Yu Shuyan bravely said to Lao Tan, “Please tell me about the Empty City plan.” Lao Tan sat on a couch, smoking a cigarette and said, “You are too young for the Marquis of Wu at this age, and your style is not enough.Learn from Wang Ping.”Zhuge Liang did not say, to give him wang Ping’s thing said again, you say this call what matter?Then to the founder of yan School, Mr. Yan Jupeng, he is recognized as the best master of Tan learning, but he is not from the line, is piaoyou into the sea.The earliest time, the voice is very good, but the person’s luck is not good, before going to the sea tan learn very subtle, to have a voice voice, to have a lasting appeal, what to have what, but stem this line, the voice is not as good as a day, is really too deadly!The founder of Yan School, Mr. Yan Jupeng, said above that Mr. Yan is a friend of the sea, and he is not a Han, but a Mongolian.In the late Qing Dynasty, he served in the Li Fan yuan, and in the early republic of China in various ministries and commissions, his cultural foundation and artistic accomplishment is extremely profound, and like poetry and calligraphy, calligraphy, proficient in word rhyme and rhythm.So much for a learned man.The artistic style of Beijing Opera has been raised a big step.There are many fans of other operas, especially henan opera, who often ask why Peking Opera becomes a national opera.That’s it!Because Beijing Opera has cultural deposits.And you henan opera is far away, although the harvest of a lot of people at the bottom of the earth, very down-to-earth, but culture does not rely on the earth, on culture, you are really better than Beijing Opera, you shout also useless.We go back to Talk about Ju Peng, that year, he also wanted to worship Tan Xinpei as a teacher, but he tried to find a relationship, but Tan Xinpei is not accepted.You want to, as a professional Yu Shuyan, Tan Xinpei are not willing to accept, let alone a big ticket friend, in the eyes of tan boss, simply clip will not clip him.There is also a saying here, general professional people are not willing to teach friends, because you are also teasing you to play, to tell you some simple things on the line, he thinks to tell you some higher things useless, you can not play, said is not in vain?More so now than in the past.Tan Xinpei Wang Yaoqing played “The Southern Gate”, said Ju Peng worship Tan Xinpei, then can only be the “curve to save the country” method to learn Tan.What can I do?As long as there is tan Xinpei’s performance, he will be there, and with pen and paper, concentrate on the audience to observe the record.When I got home, I had to write him down. I kept practicing with my memory. He learned tan Pai, which was really hard work!Can say is really winter practice, summer practice sanfu, never interrupted.We think, by listening to the opera, watching the play, listen to the record to find other peers to learn, this has to spend how much effort and have how strong perseverance, in order to achieve the kind of mastery of the exquisite, but the words of Ju Peng he did, his Tan school can be said at that time, is absolutely top level!Yu Shuyan although unconvinced, said he is dead learning is “words five son”, Tan Xinpei’s son-in-law Wang Chen, son Tan Xiaopei although in public also sniffed, but they privately also had to admit that words Ju Peng tan school is very authentic.Yu Shuyan, the founder of Yu School, said that Ju Peng learned tan in his early years, which is four words: “follow the rules”.So it said that after his middle age, his voice was getting worse and worse, so he had to change his methods and figure out a new way of singing on the word rhyme, otherwise he would not be able to eat his meal.His innovation in addition to singing very strict on words rhyme, also widely absorbed the other business that some of the Peking Opera singing, the pinyin method, local opera, even beauty drums of some of the strengths, he also bring them here with the help of his singing, he fed to a pulse, and finally formed his unique words singing art.It sent the biggest characteristic is to sing read strictly follow “HuGuang, ibus-rime” take on pronunciation, because Daisy friends he ShenTong music, therefore, his singing, pay attention to four tones level and oblique tones, pointed group methods, in diction, he is extremely careful about improperness, so pay attention to the stereotype of degree, require their own sing read should never have a word,Strictly follow the huguang sound and four tone standards, his singing style is “word heavy cavity light”, “cavity with the word born”, rhyme is extremely accurate!We can say that he has broken through the old Tan school singing method.Yan Ju Peng’s grandson Yan Xing Peng played zhuge Liang Yan Ju Peng’s singing melody changeful, rich and colorful, zigzag and indirect, if broken if continued.The only disadvantage is that his high pitch is slight due to his voice, but it also forms his personal singing characteristics and style charm. Some people say: his singing is stirring, winding and mellow.I also found a phenomenon, that is to like the words of the party extremely like, obsessed and intoxicated, do not like but particularly do not like, even sniffy!This does not know what kind of phenomenon is, so I hope that which experienced ticket friends and friends, have time to explain this phenomenon.Welcome to pay attention to the Lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus lotus