The biggest difference between the Taiwan issue and the Ukraine issue is that China has the ability to solve the Taiwan issue

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As the Taiwan issue is less divisive and China is capable of resolving it on its own, there have been many voices comparing Taiwan with Ukraine.In fact, how can the two be compared?Historically and practically, Ukraine is a separate region from Russia.Even if there were brief experiences of joining Russia and the Soviet Union, the former as vassals and the latter as Allies.In every sense of the word, Ukraine belongs to What was Once Russia’s “little brother”, not its territory.Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China: The Ukrainians first formed their national and national identity, and then joined the Tsarist Empire in exchange for its protection. This is the scene when ukrainians, led by the Cossacks, first came into contact with Russia.Taiwan is different!Taiwan has been an inherent territory of the Chinese nation since ancient times!Inherent territory means that territorial sovereignty should not be dictated by a small group of separatist forces.The most effective way to define sovereignty is to look for evidence before it is disputed.At the end of world War II, when the Cairo Declaration and Potsdam Proclamation were signed, there were explicit provisions that Taiwan should be returned to China after the war.To restore to the Republic of China all the territories Japan had stolen from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa and the Pescadores.The So-called “Republic of China” by the Russian Cossacks must not have been Chiang’s Republic of China.It is the Republic of China, on 9.6 million square kilometers, which once led China to the New Democratic revolution.The Republic of China has disappeared into history.It was followed by the new China, not the Taiwan independence puppet regime.It’s a no-brainer!As the puppet Manchukuo can not represent the Qing Dynasty, is the truth known to all!This determines that Taiwan cannot become independent from China, still less split into two regions.And put two areas under the effective control of proxies supported by various forces.And that is exactly what is happening in Ukraine.At the root of the current unrest in Ukraine is a huge divide in ethnic and national identity among its people.The eastern Part of Ukraine is mostly Russian, so the eastern people think that they have the same origin with Russia and believe in Orthodox Religion.Western Ukraine, dominated by other ethnic groups, had spent much of its life under Polish rule and therefore considered itself to be pure European, with Roman heritage.There is no such phenomenon in Taiwan!Even the Taiwan independence puppet regime should give itself the prefix of “China”.China is the common national identity of Mainland China and Taiwan Province.China is the common national identity of both sides.Similar to Ukraine, Taiwan’s independence situation was also created under the control of some “oligarchs”.These oligarchs, out of their own selfish needs, went against the general trend of the world and the historical trend and tried to obtain separate facts through division.Want to be “king of the Mountain”, but do not want the reunification of the motherland!Behind Taipei’s Dihua Street, which is filled with Chinese characters, is almost all such “bandit” forces, which rely on the support of the United States and the West to obtain a steady flow of vitality.In Ukraine, however, the oligarchs had nothing to say.The current exodus of oligarchs from Ukraine is proof of this.Therefore, the biggest difference between the Taiwan issue and the Ukraine issue is that China can handle the Taiwan issue.It’s up in the air, just looking for an optimal solution.Ukraine, however, is not something any Ukrainian can get a say in.Yuanxiao: The division of Ukraine can never be repeated in Taiwan. Now some people put Ukraine and Taiwan together just because they have some attributes in common.The United States is behind all of them;All present a kind of undecided situation.On the first point, the US has sought global influence since the collapse of the Soviet Union.The US has to say something about every little thing that happens in any region.It is not unusual for America to try to manipulate, but the question is whether it can achieve its aims.In recent years, with the growing power of emerging economies, it has become difficult for the United States to simply take money out of the global situation.And without the advantage of money, American forces are increasingly retreating around the world.Pentagon press secretary long – term, the United States from the Middle East, Afghanistan, a series of troop withdrawal, is iron proof.In the process of the withdrawal, the U.S. forces left behind a large amount of military baggage, weapons and equipment.These weapons and bases were bought and built with dollars.Why would the US rather leave all its equipment there than withdraw?Because the ECONOMY of the United States is no longer able to support the American military in all these places.And the military expenditure of the United States military operations, obviously greatly exceeds the cost of these hardware facilities.Against this backdrop, how much budget can the US afford to intervene in Taiwan, which is thousands of miles away?No matter how many military bases are built in Japan and South Korea or how many American troops are stationed there, America’s decline cannot be covered up!In August 2021, the US military assisted in evacuating personnel from Afghanistan at the airport. Moreover, the US military bases in Japan and South Korea spent a lot of money from The Japanese and South Koreans.The U.S. military itself does not have to bear significant costs.To return to the second point, the Ukraine issue has not been resolved, which is actually the result of the direct military confrontation between the world powers.Is it possible to repeat this near the island?Taiwan island near the complex situation, back to the South China Sea, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN.Unlike the clear-cut eastern European countries around Ukraine, these east Asian countries are not as close to either side.They do not have strong binding alliances with The United States, as the three Baltic states do in NATO.Nor is it, like Belarus, in effect bound to Russia.Taipei, Taiwan, Shenzhen-Australia, Xiang-rock, the United States, Japan and South Korea are known as the “iron Triangle alliance”, but Japan and South Korea have maintained a very high volume of trade with China all year round, which proves that they do not want to give up the Chinese market.Although some asean countries have disputes with China over the South China Sea, they have gradually deepened their economic cooperation with China under the framework of RCEP in recent years.In the case of the South Pacific near The island of Taiwan, countries in the region have in fact reached deep economic cooperation with China.This is in stark contrast to Ukraine, which, even before the crisis, was determined not to engage economically with Russia.NATO and THE EU are trying to impose economic sanctions on Our country in the South Pacific, but it is not as easy as imposing sanctions on Russia.Because of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia’s economy has been in depression and decline.China’s economy, on the other hand, is booming.Nanning, Guangxi: China-asean Financial City Russia cannot bring more benefits to the West and will naturally be abandoned by capitalists.China, on the other hand, is increasingly bringing benefits to the world, a temptation capitalists cannot resist.Especially at a time when the West is still recovering from the 2008 financial crisis.GDP of 27 provinces in 2021