Foreign media exposure Marlin comeback in March!The first stop may be dai Ziying

2022-05-05 0 By

Marin will return to the German Open in March, according to the Spanish media “Huelva Info”.Currently ranked 6th in the world, Ma Lin, at the end of may last year in the training of discomfort, after examination, found the left knee cruciate ligament and meniscus tear, chose to undergo surgery treatment, missed the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 2021 world Championships.Marin had originally planned to return to the Spanish Masters in early March 2022 after several months of recovery, but the local tournament was cancelled due to the epidemic, so he is aiming to return to the German Open, and then he will play in the All England Open, Swiss Open.Marlin also recently posted a message on personal social media: “Closer to the day of comeback.”The Super 300 German Open series will be a good touchstone for Ma Lin’s comeback from injury. Ma Lin’s ball skills are still the world’s top level, and she only needs to adapt to the rhythm of the game through actual combat and restore her best condition.It is worth mentioning that Dai Ziying first battle this year, is also the German Open, may have a chance to play with the rival Marin.(The above pictures and texts are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete)