Cui Jing failed to continue to win a good tune, beef knee cup by Jiang Dong-run double kill

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Special reporter Guke reported on February 5, the first South Korea beef knee cup for the 11th place in the battle between Jiang Dong-yun and Cui Jing nine duan launched, the result of Jiang Dong-yun black 181 hands win, in this match to Cui Jing “double kill”.In the opening match of the second round of the Korean Go League on February 3, Choi Beat Shin Min-joon, the LG Cup champion, nine Dan.”Ox knee and Chicken feet” is the name of two healthy traditional Chinese medicines, one of Infobell’s flagship products.The company is also the sponsor of South Korea’s top chess player.The total budget of the competition is 250 million won, and the prize money for the first and second winners is 50 million won and 20 million won respectively.The prize money will be 10 million won to 4 million won, respectively, for the third to 12th place, and there will be a match fee for the first and second round of the preliminary finals and the final qualifiers, which is different from the previous open where no match fee was imposed.The competition format is a bit complicated, the primary stage of 12 people with South Korea are rated number 3 to 10 players for a total of 20 people, divided into five groups for both the knockout, the top two in each group a total of 10 people, with free choose ShenZhen Xu kudan, park jeong-hwan nine paragraphs two cycle 6 people group, two cycle first WuFanQi battle, decide the title.Currently, Lee Dong-hoon and Park Jung-hwan won the A and B titles respectively, and the winner will be determined through five-game chess.In advance, championship favourite Shin Zhen missed the final in group A in advance to Lee Dong-hun in advance.South Korea women go first person Choi Jeong nine Dan and Kang Dong-yun nine Dan with the same points in the fifth group, with ahn Sung-jun nine Dan, Yun Chan-hee eight Dan two people, kang Dong-yun beat Yun Chan-hee in the first battle, The second world War Choi Jeong beat Korea ranked ninth Ahn Sung-jun, the third round Of Choi Jeong and Kang Dong-yun started a hedge war, the result of Kang Dong-yun won the line.Then Cui Jing and An Chengjun for the second line quota launched a decisive battle, Cui Jing completed the double kill, take the last bus among the circle.She also became the only female player in the circle to compete.However, Choi lost A set in group B, suffering A fifth consecutive loss, while Kang Dong-yun also lost A set in Group A.According to the rule that the two groups are ranked in the same place, Choi and Kang will be ranked 11th and 12th.Choi Jeong beat LG Cup champion Shin Min-joon in the opening match of the second round robin of the Korean Go League on Sunday. Her team TYGEM beat Kixx 4-1.Choi jing will meet Kang Dong-yun for the second time today in the Cowknee cup.Kang was ranked 14th and Choi 29th in the latest ranking released by kGO in February.The fierce battle started from the upper right corner, and Jiang Dong-run, the black man, cut off the contact of white and entered the game. In the dogfight, when Jiang Dong-run made a “penetrating point” on the third way of the right set, Cui Jing also made a fierce move with a fool curve, but the shape was not right and the move was not smooth. This anxious first move foreshadowed the move of black later.After the two sides in the outside of a little reply, Jiang Dong-yun eventually set out on the right, but he was in the middle of the end, the winning rate reversed.However, then Jiang Dong-run in the lower left corner of the strong move, Cui Jing also out of doubt, three sons were cut off outside, black in the middle of the move suddenly into the potential, white immediately in a dilemma, deep break the air if there is the danger of gathering;On the other hand, black is so hollow that white cannot win at all.Actual combat Cui Jing commonsense in the middle of the move, but all the residual son was killed, but throw in the towel.Jiang Dong-run and Cui Jing ranked 11th and 12th respectively in the first Niucu Chicken Claw Cup.On February 6, byun Sang-il, who came in fifth place in group A, brought me in seventh place in group B.