Both have no!There are N ways to get “national top flow ice blocks”

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With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” jumped to the top of the Winter Olympic Games “wave” quickly sold out “one trick is hard to find” love but not all the net users shout “strongly request a family one trick” let me see who is not bing Dwen Dwen?Oh, this person is I what also did not say now to adjust the alarm clock ice block block N access to play girl raked out!(1) the Olympic official flagship store of the doll, blind box key chain in the replenishment and the opening chapter of copper is open to booking a new special edition ice mound mound each booking, 2000 (2) the hour yili official flagship store before buy three pieces of milk send ice mound mound key but it’s already sent out is now a member to buy lottery free “ice mound mound & taking the” snow suits doll (3) the bank of China APP1 shenPlease use bank of China 2022 Winter Olympic Games theme credit card for 3 consecutive months.Single spend 199 can obtain 2 APP search box to search in China bank BoBo fishpond “to participate in the game to complete various tasks and saving gold exchange capacity melting ice mound mound and snow doll hanging ornaments, plush dolls and toys suit at present, the snow ice mound mound and taking the gift has gone on February 15, but the official has said zero will replenishment there is still time to save gold COINS to BoBo fish ponds.④ Learn the strong country APP to enter the page operation click “strong Country city” ➛ “dian Dian Tong exchange” is currently out of stock, pre-sale is finished but can squat replenishment ⑤ Unicom appfebruary 10-12,Every day 12 o ‘clock, 19 o ‘clock Unicom APP points exchange limited bingdun Dun entrance into the home page you can see directly click the banner or floating small icon direct (@mobile and Telecom,You awake?) 6 anta official shop taobao search “anta official shop” click on the lower right corner “shop member register as a member to participate in the” smoke around koi activities have access to ice mound mound or customize badge all landowners KFC meals KFC and pizza hut in fact most of them are out of stock for a small number of stores and flag bracelet, etc.,Before you can call pizza Hut to consult you can squat follow-up replenishment ⑧ people’s Online official wechat to participate in the “national fitnessEmbrace has a chance to get advice solicitation for ice and snow “” ice mound mound” or “snow taking” gift one, the best advice according to the user in the activity page recommendations content selected “best advice for” three star “ice mound mound” or “snow taking” a second, the lucky prize activities during the period before 10000 to participate in the recommendations of the user in accordance with the recommendations of time sorting 8, 18, 18Eight, 288, 388…The list of winners of “Bing Dwen Dun” or “Xue Rong Rong” will be announced on the wechat official account of “Leadership Message Board” twice on February 11th and 15th.So as not to run empty “a foolproof channel” this is one hundred percent can get ice mound mound of a way to participate in the 2022 winter Olympics, won the game three before refueling, duck!!!!!!If you have to, you can also try to make a picture by yourself: Weibo @People’s Daily There is good news that the Special edition of Bing Dwen Dwen is coming!And the licensed products of the Beijing Winter Olympics will continue to be sold at least until the end of June this year, so there is really no need to grab!A special edition of Bing Dwen dwen will be available for sale until the end of June, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee (BOCOG) said Tuesday.As for some products, especially Bingdendun, which is not easy to buy for the time being, he said that he had communicated with various manufacturers for several rounds. At present, The bingdendun production factory has resumed operation in an orderly manner, and positive measures have been taken to promote product production, and there will be a steady supply of products to the market.He also warned against buying licensed goods at high prices from “scalpers”, not believing in price speculation and rational consumption.Source: MK Cool Cool, Universe Snacks Company, People’s Daily