Wuxi Binhu District achieved tourism revenue of 1.288 billion yuan during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-04 0 By

In the Spring Festival holiday just past, Binhu District of Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, on the basis of implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the total tourism revenue of 1.288 billion yuan, recovered to 84.13 percent of the same period of 2019 Spring Festival holiday.Major scenic spots received 938,100 tourists, up to 64.96 percent of the same period of 2019 Spring Festival holiday.The average occupancy rate of 23 major tourist hotels in the region was 30.69%, which recovered to 52.8% of the same period during the 2019 Spring Festival holiday.Tourists celebrate Spring Festival at the lakeside.Binhu Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau for the Spring Festival holiday,Turtle head isle, CCTV wuxi film base in taihu lake (three kingdoms city, water margin city, Tang Cheng), lingshan scenic spot, gently bay, meiyuan, li garden, a zoo, he lu (joy garden) in taihu lake, wuxi lit city ruins museum, Kowloon bay township festoon the garden, dragon temple yongji, red shawan ecology garden, xuelang mountain ecological landscape garden on the Chinese New Year for daily limited reservation free into the garden,The total number of free tickets exceeded 230,000.Sunac Theme Park, Sunac Sea World and Sunac Snow World offer preferential activities such as 50% discount for those who spend the Spring Festival in the park and 1 yuan for children’s tickets in Sunac Sea World.Tourists enjoy flowers at the lakeside scenic area.Binhu Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau for the picture at the same time, cultural tourism programs colorful.Turtle head isle, wuxi meiyuan, li garden scenic spot with lion dance and dragon dance performance, lingshan and gently bay on the annual fifth interactive activities in the god of wealth, and chong wen brigade town held the tide noctilucent wind lion dance parade, wuxi zoo built the exclusive air corridor, the king of beasts turtle head isle “drunken meilan flower show” held in jiangnan orchid garden,Jiulongwan Township Innovation Park, Hongsha Bay Ecological Scenic spot, Xuelangshan Scenic Spot, Longsi Ecological Park and other places welcome tourists with spring plum viewing, parent-child games, interactive programs and other forms.Binhu Mashan street held folk experience activities.In addition, binhu district towns, development zones, street libraries, cultural centers (cultural centers) have also carried out special festival activities.Binhu binhu district cultural center launched seven tianle tiger – culture popular online course experience art popularization activities, binhu district library prepared 24 solar terms and the folk custom, the Chinese couplets and traditional culture, in Chinese classics, such as public class, he lu city ruins museum lacquer ware exhibition launched “xiu wood gleamed Song Yuansu xiu lacquer,Masan street held masan folk experience activities to create a strong festive atmosphere.In order to provide tourists with a safe and comfortable tourism environment, all scenic spots and cultural and tourism enterprises in Binhu District strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control system during holidays, strictly controlled the number of passengers in accordance with the principle of “limited, off-peak and reservation”, and conducted regular epidemic prevention and control management.The staff of each scenic spot received the public tourists in an orderly manner, and actively guided the tourists to do a good job of evacuation in the park, equipment maintenance, and maintain a good order for the performance.Throughout the holiday, the overall operation of the lakeside tourism market is smooth and orderly.(Bo Wenliang)