Last year, hainan’s import and export value of goods was 147.68 billion yuan

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Haikou Xiuying Port Container Terminal.Original title: Last year, hainan’s total import and export value of goods trade reached 147.68 billion yuan, up 57.7% from the previous year, ranking the third in China.This is the “report card” of Hainan’s import and export trade in 2021.According to the statistics of Haikou Customs, the growth rate of import and export of goods in Hainan in 2021 is 36.3 percentage points faster than that of the whole country.Exports totaled 33.26 billion yuan, up 20.1%;Imports totaled 114.42 billion yuan, up 73.6%.What are the new highlights of our province’s foreign trade performance?What are the areas of concern?Haikou Customs interpreted this.On January 21, a batch of silicon carbide support parts with a value of $370,000 were released at macun Port of Haikou Customs.This batch of customs clearance goods is the first batch of goods in the “Zero tariff” supplementary list of raw materials and auxiliary materials of Hainan Free Trade Port, marking the official implementation of the supplementary list.”The company relies on imports for most of the raw materials needed to manufacture fiber optic prefabricated panels. After the implementation of the supplementary list, it is expected to bring 5 million yuan of tax incentives to enterprises every year, which will greatly ease the pressure of enterprise capital flow and help enterprises accelerate the pace of development and stabilize employment.”Enjoy the benefits of the enterprise Kangning (Hainan) light communication Co., Ltd. customs manager Lu Renhua said.This is the aspiration of enterprises to enjoy benefits, and also a vivid footnote that the series of favorable policies of Hainan Free Trade port have become a new engine driving hainan’s foreign trade growth.”In the past year, Hainan has accelerated the implementation of the early arrangements for the free Trade port and made every effort to strive for the early harvest of the free trade port. A number of key and core policies have been implemented and continued to play a role, which has promoted the strong development of Hainan’s foreign trade.”Ju Chunmei, director of statistics and Analysis Department of Haikou Customs and spokesperson, introduced that in 2021, the province’s foreign trade import and export showed various characteristics.The import and export scale expands quarter by quarter, with monthly import and export values hitting new highs, and the expansion of imports keeps driving forward — in 2021, the import and export values of Hainan in the four quarters are 26.31 billion yuan, 32.45 billion yuan, 42.77 billion yuan and 46.15 billion yuan respectively, showing a trend of gradual expansion.Year-on-year growth was 30.3%, 63.4%, 84.8% and 51.7%, respectively, significantly ahead of the national level in the same period.Especially in November and December, the import and export value of the province reached 16.77 billion yuan and 17.27 billion yuan respectively, and the monthly import and export scale continuously hit a record high.The number of cities and counties carrying out foreign trade has increased, and the import and export of most cities and counties have maintained growth — compared with the previous year, in 2021, there are 18 cities and counties in the province with import and export records, including Sansha City, Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County and Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County.Among them, eight cities and counties, including Qionghai and Wanning, all grew by more than 50%, and Danzhou, Haikou and Sanya ranked the top three.”After the RCEP goes into effect, the export of scrap boards produced by our company can enjoy a tariff discount of 5 points with the certificate of origin, which increases the price advantage for our export products.”Hainan Shenzhou Industry Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhou Industry) General manager Zhang Ge, for the company’s product export costs to re-calculate an account, the product price advantage and more confidence.Zhang Ge’s confidence comes from reality.Recently, eight customs offices affiliated to Haikou Customs issued RCEP certificate of origin for Shenzhou Industry. With this RCEP certificate of origin, a batch of the company’s scrap boards worth more than 30,000 yuan will enjoy zero tariff treatment in Vietnam.”In 2021, one of the main characteristics of the province’s foreign trade and import is that nearly 40% of the province’s foreign trade is with RCEP member countries, and its trade with developed economies such as Europe and the United States is closer, and its import and export to countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ is growing rapidly.”Ju Chunmei pointed out.According to statistics, hainan’s import and export to other 14 RCEP member countries reached 58.08 billion yuan last year, up 46.7 percent, accounting for 39.3 percent.During the same period, China’s import and export to the EU reached 21.59 billion yuan, up 39.4%;Imports and exports to the US reached 12.77 billion yuan, up 47.7%;Imports and exports to countries and regions along the Belt and Road totaled 43.95 billion yuan, up 40.3%.”Data show that Hainan has close trade with RCEP member states, which are important import and export markets for Hainan.Hainan’s unique location and hainan free Trade port policy, combined with the RCEP policy, are expected to inject more vitality into the construction and development of Hainan free trade port.”Haikou Customs free Trade Zone and special regional development division director He Bin said.In the list of enterprises that “do business” with the world in Hainan, Shenzhou Industry is just one of them.”With the further acceleration of Hainan’s opening-up, the enthusiasm of various enterprises for trade has been effectively stimulated.There were 19,200 new registered foreign trade enterprises in the province, an increase of 412%.”Ju chunmei introduced that in 2021, the number of foreign trade entities in Hainan will increase rapidly, the business environment at ports will be optimized, and the position of private enterprises as the largest operating entity will be further consolidated.This characteristic is confirmed by statistical data.In 2021, the import and export of private enterprises in the province will reach 74.24 billion yuan, an increase of 135%, accounting for 50.3%, 16.5 percentage points higher than that in 2020, further consolidating their position as the largest business entity in foreign trade.In the same period, imports and exports of state-owned enterprises reached 40.76 billion yuan, up 29.7%;Imports and exports of foreign-invested enterprises reached 32.59 billion yuan, up 7%.In addition, consumption drive, is another major feature of hainan’s foreign trade import and export last year.”In 2021, Hainan imported 43.55 billion yuan of consumer goods, up 29.2%, accounting for 38.1% of the total import value of the province in the same period.Among them, imported cosmetics 25.08 billion yuan, an increase of 17.2%, to pull the growth of China’s cosmetics imports ranked second in the country, reaching 25.9%.”Consumer goods accounted for nearly 40% of imports, while cosmetics imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products grew rapidly, Ju said, combining data.In the New Year, how does our province’s foreign trade import and export develop?Ju chunmei said that Hainan is in the period of free trade port policy dividend release, it is expected that the province’s foreign trade and import will continue to maintain rapid growth this year, is expected to achieve the “14th five-year” foreign trade development goals.(Reporter Zhou Xiaomeng correspondent Lin Borong Zhang Heng) Statement: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: