Her revenge is over, and her gratitude is over

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“There are those who bite the hand that feeds them;Through the phenomenon to see the essence, here is the lack of boat also ferry “” sorry” small Lei finally looked at a beautiful, stretched out his hand forced a beautiful eyelid.Because is the use of their stockings strangle, so in the last struggle.Ali could not close her eyes.I do not know whether it is the physical reaction of being strangled or the unwillingness of S to close his eyes.Xiao Lei fantasizes about her future life.You don’t have to be a trafficker to live in a villa like this.You can also call in servants.Constantly stuffing jewelry into a cloth bag you have prepared.Her boyfriend Xiao Bao is searching for the “million bank book”.But that only exists in imagination, so called justice grinds slow but sure.All that awaited them was cold handcuffs.And the restlessness that comes back to me every night.During her time in prison, Xiao Lei would often shout “No!” at night.And then it’s hard to sleep again.Originally, a person even if again how to lose conscience.But also just describe, in fact, will have a heart.Callousness is only due to the absence of that stimulus.And the little Ray of that point, no doubt is ali.Ali was twenty years older than Ray, but they both came from the same village.There is a very bad habit in the village that is very unfriendly to women.When a girl is six years old, she is chosen.For twenty or thirty thousand dollars, you can buy the girl.As for what happens after taking it away, it has nothing to do with parents at home.What you don’t take, you leave in the village, and you wait for someone’s wife to bring it to you.This is not new in the village, every household does it, even formed a custom.Even in the ancestral temple, carved a quick stone to talk about such things.Xiao Lei as a female body, nature also escaped such a fate.Just after her sixth birthday, Xiao Lei began to be scouted.In the first ten days, people came in an endless stream.Nothing more, because Xiao Lei is really smart.But xiao Lei’s father, Old Thunder, smoked a cigarette and looked at these people.He just said without looking.”You eggs, dare to think?The girl had already been set “or the big boss in the city” we do not believe, think that the big boss in the city, will take a fancy to this country wench?They say Old Ray is dreaming.But a week later, a brand new Mercedes pulled up to Lao Lei’s house.A fat man with a fat belly walked in.The flapboard at the door was so brittle after the weather that it was broken by the man’s shoes.See bearer, old thunder that is hurriedly come forward to say: “is boss came, quick please come in” the man did not enter the house, in wiping his bright leather shoes, say: “the person I come to take away” say to take out a leather case, inside 100 thousand pieces, you little bit.Old thunder heard this, to the spirit.Borrow a suitcase without ceasing to touch, also did not say to open a look.Just nod your head like garlic.”The boss doesn’t play games with us.I ah, across the smell of this suitcase, smell the ink smell of that money, bad ~ I call a person for you.”After a while, old Thunder brought little Lei over.Compared to the happy expression just now, now even the slightest do not give up.Pointing at the man, xiao Lei said: “This is your father, you go with him.” Xiao Lei was dragged out eating noodles and looked at the man with some resistance.But Lao Lei’s attitude made her afraid to say anything more.For a moment she understood why there was meat in her bowl.Understand mother at the time of the tears are for what.The man listened to old Thunder’s words, the corners of his mouth finally squeezed out a smile.Not warm charity, but a desire to succeed Y laugh.”Let’s go and eat something else. I’m your father. From now on, you have to listen to me.”Say that finish to leave with xiao Lei.The sky was full of dust and it was hard to tell whether it was the roar of car exhaust or the putrid fumes of the village.All I could hear was the cheers of old Thunder.”So you were useful, not in vain, when you bought yourself back, and had something good to eat tonight.Let’s keep having kids. Hachi’s gonna be six in a few years.Then the livelihood of the first seven brothers will be secure.”When Xiao Lei was twelve years old, she experienced a painful growth.At last she understood what this so-called “father” had bought her for.I know I came home when I was six, and I was sleeping with a man.I’m too young for my age.She thought about resisting, but she didn’t know.Where can I go?I’d starve to death if I got out.She had no choice but to stay in the villa the man had prepared for her, to be tortured.At the age of sixteen, a light appeared.One day, the man was very drunk and a woman brought him home.Although approaching middle age, it is obvious that the woman is in good condition.Men don’t usually tell people about their little country house.But at the celebration party that day, he got drunk and asked the woman to escort him.The woman, as partner, had to agree to take him home.But the man drunkenly mentioned this place.The woman brought him back, knocked on the door, and when she saw Ray come out.Her eyes were filled with grief, despair, grief, and anger.But all he said was, “He’s drunk. He’ll be fine tonight.”He hid his face and left.Xiao Lei helped the man, watched the woman leave, after closing the door.Just throw the guy on the couch.He went back to sleep in the bedroom.After some time, she was awakened from her sleep by a sharp pain.She saw the drunk man whipping her with a belt.Crack, crack, and the belt kept falling.Soon Xiao Lei was covered in cuts and bruises.She kept screaming and whining, though she knew it was useless.But that’s what she’s been saying for years.But this time it was different. Bang.The door burst open.It was the woman who was beating the man with a stick.The man fell down under the influence of alcohol.The woman took Small lei to escape from this evil cave.Yeah, she never left.She’s in the same boat as Ray. Her name is Ali.She wanted someone to save her, too.But no one.She survived until the demon died and sold everything there.Take the money and partner in a business.Ali said his own experience and small lei, small Lei also said his experience.And they were all from the “man-eating village”.Ali was clearly ready.She wants Xiao Lei to go to the police, even though it may ruin the plan.But she was also fearless.It’s just that Xiao Lei is afraid, and not just of men’s retaliation.Also afraid of their lack of dependence, but also because of the oppression for a long time.Weakened her ability to fight back.She held back, she didn’t want to call the police, she didn’t want a man to go in, she just wanted to get out of the place.A li just told her that he missed the chance to let the bad guys.This time, Xiao Lei needs to stand up for herself.But small lei said what also refused to go to the police, ali also have no way.Had to go to the police alone, the matter said again.Follow-up police found in the car, small Lei, when asked.Xiao Lei refused to answer any questions except to cry.Police said an investigation would follow.A beautiful the next day to remove the contract, with small lei left.Ray’s only resistance to the man may be when Ali pulls her away.She kicked a man in the balls.On the plane, Ali thought of his return to the village six years ago.Although he called the police, the people in that village were surprisingly consistent.Claiming that no such thing happened.Rushed to the ancestral temple, also did not find that tablet, so they get the news early.The village chief and his men hid the stone tablet.Deep in the mountains, nowhere to be found.Angry, she overturned the shrine consecrate card, toward the inside spilled dog blood.The villagers, guilty of wrongdoing, let it go, not wanting it to attract greater attention.Li thought he was so a trouble, the village will have convergence, unexpectedly still so.Seeing the sleeping little Lei beside her, she decided to raise the child well.Although ali let Xiao Lei let elite school, remedial cultural knowledge.Slowly teach her to adapt to society.But what small lei lacks is care and love, these ali really can’t give.She was so busy that she had a lot of shareholders to explain the failure of the partnership.And follow up on the men.Xiao Lei got to know xiao Bao, an idle member of society.Bao is a drug addict.For Xiao Lei, this person is very good, often can accompany her.Accompany her to laugh, accompany her to play, but also accompany her to curse, vent, bubble bar.Such behavior was deemed unacceptable by the school and xiao Lei was soon told to go home.Back home, Xiao Lei thought it was better that she and Xiao Bao had more time to play.And the drug addiction that the place is infected with, let her be right beautiful preach more and more vexed.Even regard this former benefactor’s admonition as a hindrance and a shackle of captivity.Ray is getting more and more extreme.And in order to control the drug use of small lei, Ali had thought to send small Lei into rehab.However, she really can’t bear to think of the first half of xiao Lei’s life has been so bitter.I don’t want her to put up with that anymore.So chose to give small lei quantitative, step by step to reduce her pocket money.Xiao Lei’s drug addiction went deeper and deeper. She had no money, so she stole and sold things at home.After leaving no stone unturned.Xiao Bao gave her an idea: “Isn’t your godmother rich?You said she had millions deposited in her bankbook recently.I’ll steal with you. When we have the money, we can have as much fun as we want. I’ll take you to the ends of the earth.”Xiao Lei was fascinated and agreed to xiao Bao.They found a night to do it.The result did not think of is, in the process of rummaging through things, a Li came back.The original day ali went to the police station to finish the record, has been very tired, originally wanted to rest in the nearby hotel.But I figured things would go a little faster with Ray’s testimony.So I didn’t even eat.Choose to fly home at night to persuade again, the results found two people’s behavior.A li very angry, scold small lei not grow, and small treasure mixed together.Make sure Ray goes to rehab this time.Xiao Bao saw the theft is not successful, decided to simply rob.He picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed Ali.Originally a beautiful for these two people is no problem.But because too tired, the panic of a time the small treasure.Then with small treasure to entwine.Both of them are asking Ray for help.At that moment, Xiao Lei thought a lot, thinking about what he said when Ali was a godmother.”Gan ma da en Dade, I will yongquan phase reported” said ali laughed.Also think of their own and small treasure in the playground, happy days together.Unconsciously took off his silk stockings, took them in his hands, to a li’s neck.For her kindness, a man died in his grave.In the prison of the small lei has a few days and nights to save their own figure.For xiao Bao long forgotten.With tears streaming down his face, he cried out, “Godmother!”She wiped her eyes as if she had figured something out.Determined, she alerted the guards the next day.”Police uncle, I want to explain some other situation” lack boat: above plot, pure fiction, only for the story.The characters involved are the characters in the story, not the reality.If everyone can do dripping of grace when yongquan phase reported.There would be no such adjective as “white eyed Wolf”.Some extreme people may make people hesitate to help.But believe that the world is still dominated by good.Saving lives and protecting ourselves are not in conflict.For more of our best stories, follow us here