Foshan: cold warning issued, wet and cold continued

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In the afternoon of February 18, strong cold air has begun to affect the north of Foshan, bringing “timely rain” for the rain term (February 19).Foshan Meteorological Station forecast, From February 19 to 21, the cold air continued to supplement, Foshan has heavy rain, local rainstorm, which on February 19, the temperature of 8℃ ~ 12℃, February 20, 21, the whole day temperature only 6℃ ~ 8℃.In the morning of February 18, when the strong cold air arrived in northern Guangdong, the five districts of Foshan city hung a cold yellow warning signal;In the afternoon, strong cold air with light rain affected the north of Foshan.In the process of cold air moving from north to south, the temperature difference between the north and the south of Foshan city was obvious. Shunde (south), which was not affected, recorded the highest temperature of 18.8℃, while Sanshui (north) recorded the highest temperature of 12.4℃.The wet and cold magic attack brought by the strong cold air will continue to the early part of next week. In the next 4 days, Foshan will maintain rainy and cold weather, among which, the rain will be obvious from February 19 to 21, with heavy rain and local rainstorm, gust level 6, and the minimum temperature in the process will be about 5℃.The public should be protected from wind, rain and cold;Rain fog weather visibility is low, travel to pay attention to land and water traffic safety.Foshan meteorological Station on February 18 forecast, February 19 cloudy, heavy rain, temperature 8℃ ~ 12℃.February 20th, 21st cloudy day, heavy rain, local rainstorm, temperature 6℃ ~ 8℃.On February 22, it was cloudy with light rain and moderate rain. The temperature rose slightly to 7℃ ~ 11℃.On February 23, light rain turned to cloudy, and the temperature was 8℃ ~ 14℃.Looking forward to February 24th, the weather will clear up, the temperature will rise slowly, and it will be cold in the morning and evening.Tan Feiyang statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: