After ren ziwei won the championship, he was still obsessed with his winter vacation homework and was kicked out of the group chat by his teacher after he handed in his homework

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Article/Miao teacher guide language: now affecting the hearts of all the people believe that the “Winter Olympics”, Beijing has become the “double Olympic City”, is the pride of all our minds.The development of a country cannot be separated from the development of education, education is the foundation of a country, so many students especially care about their learning status since childhood, after all, China’s current education is still “exam-oriented education”, only students with good academic performance can have the opportunity to be admitted to their ideal colleges and universities.”Homework” is the “thing” that accompanies students for the longest time. As long as you are called as a student, you will be accompanied by homework, even if you are the first in the whole grade, or even the champion of the Winter Olympics. And what we are talking about today is ren Ziwei, the double gold medalist of the Winter Olympics.After ren Ziwei won the championship, he was still preoccupied with his winter vacation homework, but was kicked out of the group chat by his teacher after he handed in his homework. “Knowledge changes destiny” is a famous motto engraved in students’ minds. Students’ task is to get good grades and finish their homework.In the process of growing up, students will face the class representatives and teachers who urge them to hand in homework. Forgetting to hand in homework and forgetting to write homework is the most painful thing, especially the students who forget to hand in their homework to the teacher after finishing it, that is too late to regret.Ren Ziwei believes that he is now a household name. On February 6th, he won his first gold medal, and on February 7th, he won his second gold medal. His strength and perseverance are very strong.Ren received his undergraduate degree from Shenyang Normal University, a top-ranked school in northeast China.At present, Ren Ziwei is a graduate student of Beijing Institute of Sport, which is the ceiling school in the eyes of all sports students and the only 211 college in the sports category, enough to show its strong strength.No matter what major they study, they are very busy during their postgraduate study. They need to finish the homework left by their tutor every day, even during the winter vacation.Ren ziwei was no exception. He was still focused on his winter vacation work during the Winter Olympics and had already won the gold medal after the mixed relay.However, he was not arrogant because he was the champion. After the competition, he still handed in his homework to the class. Ren Ziwei said: Due to the busy competition, the homework was handed in late, so he asked the class representative to hand it to the teacher.At this time, all the students in his class came out to “clap” to encourage him, but unfortunately, ren Ziwei was kicked out of the group chat by the teacher. Is it because he didn’t hand in his homework on time?Many people think that the teacher kicked Ren Ziwei out of the group chat because the teacher was angry, but that’s not the case. According to Ren ziwei’s classmate, the teacher kicked Ren Ziwei out of the group chat because he wanted him to play well and not be distracted by his homework.Although the teacher this kind of action is said to be “simple and rude” but also really let a person warm heart, after all, is their own hands with the students must be hoping that he can stand out.Netizens’ reactions to the incident were hilarious, with some commenting that Chinese students do homework even when they win the championship.”It sounds like I forgot to hand in my homework,” another netizen said. “When I go back to school after the competition, the teacher will definitely ask him to make up his homework.”Later, the teacher came forward and said that there were still many races in short track speed skating, and Ren Ziwei was the main force, so I couldn’t keep him from concentrating on the race because of homework problems.Such a reasonable teacher is hard to come by.Through this incident, we can see that Ren Ziwei is polite to both classmates and teachers. No wonder he can achieve such immortal results today.Ren Ziwei still miss homework in his busy schedule, is the example of contemporary college students now many students since the university began to study is to hold a lax attitude, college students do not listen to the class, after class they live in the bedroom to play games after drama, the good time is all wasted by students.Even when teachers set homework in class, students are confused.Today’s college students should know that learning is for themselves and what the meaning of learning is.”It is never too late to learn” is a famous saying left by the older generation. When we are students, we learn how to improve our grades. When we step into the society, we have to learn how to be a good man.”Success” is not accidental, success is a drop of sweat to water, modern college students should hold the correct three views, keep the spirit of love for life and correct attitude to study, and strive to become useful to the country and society “talent”.Today’s topic: What do you think college students should do to become a better self?(The above pictures are from the network, please contact to delete infringement)