Mother and daughter snow station night real reason, do not cooperate with the prevention and control work also lied, finally publicly apologized

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From 2020 to the present, Baymax has been protecting the health of people all over the country. They are responsible and meticulous in their work.The epidemic came and went, and then suddenly came back when it was subsiding.The New Year is coming, but parts of Henan, Tianjin and Beijing are still under lockdown. In order to cooperate with the prevention and control work, both the elderly and children should do their duty. I hope that the epidemic can recede one day earlier and everyone can go out and see the light of day as soon as possible!Some joke that home-school isolation is akin to “jail time”.In fact, it is different, because by cooperating with the containment management of the prevention and control areas, we are doing a “good deed”. Only with our cooperation, the epidemic can be eliminated as soon as possible, the country and the people are in peace, and the weather is favorable.”Do good” is worthy of praise, our hearts must not “slanting”.In everyone’s safety and duty to cooperate with the prevention and control work, often some people “want to skew”, plan to play a “prison break” drama.Mother and daughter snow station night real reasons, do not cooperate with the prevention and control work also lied, and finally publicly apologized anyang in Henan Province today there are still “high-risk areas”, try not to move in situ containment is the biggest cooperation.But two days ago, a video of reverse and reverse hit the headlines.This is what happened, the protagonist is mother and child, the child’s school Yuzhou No. 1 in the implementation of prevention and control work “point to point home”.Before going home, all students were required to pass all nucleic acid tests, which this student had passed earlier.But something unexpected happened on her way home.”Point-to-point homecoming” means that students can only return home from school to their reported home address, and they cannot go to other places on the way.But the student did not get off the bus at the home address reported to the school. Instead, he got off the bus and went to a “high risk” management area.”Baymax” stopped the mother and child 200 miles away from home, because it is a high-risk containment zone, round-the-clock medical staff and staff on duty, no entry or exit.The staff also felt strange: how could anyone be allowed in a high-risk area?There should be no such omission.Baymax suggested that they stay with their relatives. After all, there would be no problem in approaching high-risk areas, and it would be impossible to enter.But relatives are also in the high-risk area, return and return after all can not enter the house, so toss all night.So the mother felt that the treatment was not humanized, so she angrily shot a video, saying that she and her child stood in the snow all night, such work treatment is inappropriate.After the video was sent out, there were indeed many netizens who stood on the mother’s side, thinking that the weather was too cold and that it would make people sick. Even if they could not enter, they could settle down for a night, at least the next day to let people make plans. It was too bleak in the middle of the night.The video eventually made headlines and attracted the attention of the whole Internet and many local people.The “Snowy Night event” reverses and reverses!After investigation, as expected, as the staff thought that night, how can there be such a omission of measures?There are four secondary schools in the area that are in full lockdown, so there shouldn’t be such problems.But they had no idea that their children were lying about reporting peer-to-peer details.Peer-to-peer requires that neither school nor home is located in a high-risk or medium-high-risk area in order to return home.The student concealed the fact that he lived in a “high-risk area” and declared the address of a low-risk area when he “self-reported his family name”.Figured I’d make a detour home, and mom would pick me up.Who knows what happened, but also by the mother uploaded to the Internet, received the attention of the whole network.Because of her mother’s video, it was only three or four days before it became almost national news.The whole thing has been brought to light and the investigation has made it clear that the student has admitted that it is his own problem that is the root cause.Here’s to praise the speed with which the relevant departments have responded, and the right thing to do in the face of the epidemic!Talking about the mother’s behavior, not only cover up the children lie, resulting in a wrong educational concept, and the resulting things to accuse the prevention and control work and staff, is the mother and child should be criticized and educated.It is a reprehensible thing for them to do because they occupied public resources for their own selfish interests, affected epidemic prevention work and misled the public.Finally, the aspect of “humane treatment”.Since the Chinese New Year, students have been “point-to-point” for the sake of “humanization”. However, it is not right to take advantage of loopholes to avoid the containment work.Of course, after the mother and children come out, in the snow night “homeless” also can not seek other help, can seek help from the staff, the staff can also handle appropriately.Things in the end, the mother also do the apology in public platform above, think your approach is incorrect, and protecting children’s lying is a deviation, parents’ education will make its own review, will also be education of children, to give, not as an example, not for personal gain influence collective interests, should listen to instructions, completes the duty.That’s the end of the matter.Before at the same time, a bunch of standing in the mother side of the net friend also made a review of the review, feel the received information on the Internet, really can’t listen to the word of “one-sided”, only can stay objective and neutral wait-and-see attitude, things such as the outcome of the investigation is more appropriate to comment, otherwise, everyone has the potential to become “keyboard”, really want to restrain themselves.How do you feel about the fact that it’s all over?Welcome to communicate with us!