How bad is Harden?NBA record: The league will penalize negative play for Harden

2022-05-03 0 By

James Harden’s defection for the second straight season is causing the league to take notice.According to Marc, the league will punish players for frequent walkouts and defections.Believe that most of the fans is no stranger to harden the past three seasons have done, in the original before leaving the rockets to join the nets don’t put people in order to deal with the rockets, James harden has made much of the first ‘efforts to actively participate in the NBA ban party, don’t absent, regularly and do not move to match only pass the ball in the game,Harden had ‘punish me’ written all over his beard, prompting A locker room mob attack by Cousins.And the same thing happened to the Nets!”When James Harden started putting on weight, the Nets knew there was a problem,” according to NBA reporters, and Irving said in the wake of harden’s trade, “there’s a lot going on off the court, but I can’t talk about it…Brooklyn home boos, well below career level paddling performance, the NBA is angry!There’s been a lot of intense discussion between the NBA office and team owners about Harden, and according to NBA reporter Marc, Harden is becoming a kind of negative benchmark, and his negativity and Simmons’ negativity at the same time make the trade happen.”Deals between NBA stars will be everywhere!”One NBA owner said: “When a player doesn’t want to play in the team, he gets a response from the other side.”Especially a super player like Harden who can earn the highest salary without having to evaluate his season.Marc says the NBA will punish him!But compared to a player like Harden, a little bit of fine is nothing.