Guiyang fire the twenty-four solar terms | “artificial light light blue” youth

2022-05-03 0 By

The video of the 24 solar terms at the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is shocking and guiyang fire department also has 24 solar terms. Every picture of each frame is the sweat of blue friends and the youth without regret…Fire is a matter of you I don’t forget his peace with thousands of fire always wake-up call life pledge time sober fire can light up the darkness must not let it swallowed up the blue sky fire peace education to grab from baby snow fear of frost when hot is afraid of you afraid of the sun grass hills in violation of regulations before the grain rain and hand pick the aromatic smoke maintenance fire peace heart to heart, hand in hand to construct a harmonious peace everyone disaster prevention fire every peace and joyDo not forget the corridor inside to smooth the summer, the day is getting longer fire safety in mind to make good use of every bit of fire cherish the life once in a lifetime remember three clear three passes: three clear: clear the corridor, clear the kitchen, clear the balcony.Three: turn off the power supply, fire source and air source.Fire control concept is strong, is worth save your consciousness difference, connected to the fire safety everywhere said everyone about loss event security heat divergent, cool breeze has to watch the fire, don’t forget to fire recovery and a grain of millet, the autumn harvest wan son air-dried the temperature drop, fire burning in the heart clear autumn fire cannot Sue frost water fountain dry, the wind tight dry heating fire risk of the vegetation,A happy family peace fire safety is a responsibility for himself for the family to others again fine hair also has its shadow again small fire, also has its born days cold, heavy snow to fire prevention, safety in one control a Ann control stability, however all lucky preference have a prepared mind freezing disaster for negligence, pay attention to cold cranking heating, careful on fire control safety of four seasons,As time goes by, the same is that “blue friends” will always be in the people’s most needed time in front of the charge, to save the people in fire and water, to help the people in distress, to the people with strength, to safeguard the people’s life and property safety and heroic struggle!