Will it be worth more? After Messi’s departure, Barcelona shirt sponsorship has been slow to be officially announced

2022-05-02 0 By

Messi leave everything to begin, even the tomei running club did a lot of problems, lead to side holes, but I still have the sponsor’s joining and capital operation, and left after Lionel messi, alone this one will be able to see that messi in Barcelona’s status and influence, already is not just a can bring wealth to Barcelona player,It’s a symbolic figure of Barca.Two years ago, the media exposure messi in Barcelona’s wage contract, euro 135 million shocked the international football, the top flow influence of Lionel messi, as long as things happen to him, will be infinite amplification, 135 million absolute highest annual salary in the world, but then again, why Barcelona messi open so high salary?Or reported by the media, because messi a person will be able to bring more than 300 million euros to Barcelona, this is the other players are unable to do, is also unable to imagine, so the tomei know Lionel messi for the benefits of Barcelona, but laporta, said that the reconstruction of the team need to messi’s leave, as if had left ronaldinho.Laporta underestimated The value of Messi, believing that a player should leave the top league because of age and decline, which he did, but the team’s revenues plummeted with Messi’s departure, which he did not expect and now regrets.Now that Messi has left, the cooked rice, Laporta can only accept the reality, or need to step by step to go on, but threw to Laporta in addition to the financial aspects of the return, not as smooth as before, there is a thorny problem, next season’s shirt chest advertising, has not yet landed.In fact, barca shirt advertising was public welfare until 2010, but after Rosell took over, the use of chest advertising made 165 million euros, the taste of barca, in the chest advertising this one, a share of income.But now Barca want to find chest advertising sponsors, I am afraid it will not be easy.As we all know, when Messi has decided to leave Barca, many sponsors of the withdrawal has fully proved that Barca is now less attractive, Messi left, who is barca’s representative player, Pique?Busquets?I’m afraid that no one can carry the flag, no matter who they are.Unless Harland joins barca next year, the club will have a tough time.Barca have long been linked with a sponsorship deal, but the lack of an official announcement has left the club embarrassed, with Goalscoring reporting that the first shirt on sale next season will be an ad-free version as a result of the delay in announcing a new sponsorship.Ronaldinho left at the beginning, because Messi has been very mature, he has the ability to replace Ronaldinho, to help Barcelona to another glory, but after Messi left?Who is the replacement for Lionel Messi?Well, these aside, because the reconstruction will take a long time, but at least let shirt ads have landing, in one hundred, the world’s biggest clubs Barcelona, even one day because the sponsor’s delayed officer xuan, and sales without advertising shirt, it is a failure, saying that the first batch of shirt without advertising, can be more valuable.