What are subobang’s chances of defending his title?Corner coach Douglas: I like him for Marat

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October 15, 2021 was a night to remember for Subobang and his team.In the “ONE: ONE For the Soul” featherweight kick world championship fight, Subobon scored a stunning 20-second knockout in the second round of world No. 1 George “Doc” Petosio.George got two plates in his jaw, and Subbong became the new king of featherweight.As subbong’s corner coach, Shaun Douglas witnessed the great moment.In Douglas’ eyes, Subobang, 31, is far from reaching his limit.”Subbong can raise his legs at such close range that it is impossible to guard against him.He’s like a strong horse and I don’t think people realise how hard he can kick.Subbong’s technique is perfect, his timing is fantastic, I’ve seen him improve and I don’t think he’s reached his limit yet.On March 26 in “ONE X”, Subobang will have another chance to show what he can do, with his first title defense against marat Grigorian, who has KO’d him before.The fight was at The request of Subobang, who had been waiting for Marat for four years.Marat knocked subbong out in just 29 seconds in China in February 2018, a defeat subbong would like to erase from his career.Four years on, Subobang is a different man and eager to prove himself.Douglas believes Subbong can pull it off and even get a KO for revenge.”If Subobang shows his aggression like he did in the last match, the fight will probably end in a KO.”Douglas based his judgment on experience.Douglas is one of the few elite foreign fighters who can fight in rambini Arena in Thailand. He is familiar with Thai boxing techniques and the fighting style of foreign fighters.In his opinion, subbang is ready for revenge, despite marat being very strong, showing good form and a punch that cannot be underestimated in the last two matches.”Subobang is definitely ready.He is now the face of Thai boxing, he has a lot of supporters, a great coaching staff, he has improved to the next level and can face any threat at any time.”As subbong’s corner coach, Douglas may take an obvious stand, but his analysis makes sense.Subbang was easily KO’d by Marat because he was not good at close combat and his defense system was relatively weak.Not only did Subbang not get knocked down, but he landed a high-sweep KO at mid and close range against George, who is known for his precision, demonstrating that there are no obvious holes in his technical system.Marat was as good as George, but his style was more violent than George’s.If George relied on superior reflexes and judgment to deliver a precise strike, Marat used powerful tanking tactics to crush his opponents, disrupt their rhythm and wait for them to break open before hitting them.Subbong took the opportunity to KO George, but was forced back by George several times, when faced with the more aggressive Marat, can his sweep play succeed?One with the strongest punches in the featherweight division, one with the strongest legs. Which fighter are you rooting for to win this fight?What’s the reason?