The Xixi Expressway is expected to be completed by the end of the year and open to traffic in the first half of next year

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Qinchunet – Shiyan headlines text, picture/reporter Luo Wei special correspondent Wu Jinbo report: in recent days, the city under construction of the province’s key traffic construction project – Shixi Expressway in Hubei section of the full resumption of work, strive to complete by the end of the year, the first half of 2023 to achieve open to traffic.On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter saw the chenjiayuan tunnel in the second section of the Xixi expressway. Although the New Year has just passed and the weather is cold, it is a tense and busy scene here.Some were drilling with pneumatic drills, while others were working on the tunnel’s secondary invert.Workers division of labor cooperation, the scene in an orderly, orderly advance.According to reports, during the Spring Festival, shixi High-speed Danjiangkou Shuikut Bridge, Chenjiayuan tunnel and other construction sites to give up holidays to rest, stick to the site line.After the festival, the construction units organize personnel to quickly return to the post, into the construction.Work, including epidemic prevention and control, work safety inspection, safety education and training, has been carried out in an orderly manner, and has basically returned to pre-holiday production.At present, the 880-meter-long Chenjiayuan tunnel has completed more than 70% of the total construction of the tunnel, and the project is progressing smoothly.It is expected that by the end of March this year, chenjiayuan tunnel can achieve double penetration.On the side span of the main tower on the south bank of Shuikute Bridge in Danjiangkou, construction workers are working on the side span and prestressing works.Danjiangkou Shuikute Bridge is a control project of Shixi Expressway (Hubei section). The first bridge crosses danjiangkou Reservoir, the source of the middle line of the South-to-north Water Transfer project.With a total length of 1076 meters and a main span of 760 meters, the bridge is the largest partial span ground anchor composite beam cable-stayed bridge under construction in the world.At present, the main tower of the bridge has been capped, the construction of the anchor platform has been completed.According to the chief engineer of the project department, the Danjiangkou Shuikute Bridge is scheduled to be completed in October this year.Shixi Xili Expressway (Hubei section) project is a north-south interprovince fast passage between Hubei and Henan, and is a key transportation project in the “13th Five-Year” Development Plan of Transportation of Hubei Province.The project starts from Jiazhai Village, Shigu Town, Danjiangkou City, and ends at Dingjiaying Town, Danjiangkou City, connecting with Fu-Yin Expressway.The total length of the project is 41.079 km, and the project estimate is 6.77 billion yuan.Construction began in September 2019.Up to now, the hubei section of Shixi Expressway has completed an investment of 5.39 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the total estimated investment.At present, more than 1,000 construction workers have returned to work and are working at full speed to complete the construction of the Xixi Expressway this year. It is expected to be open to traffic in the first half of next year.After completion, shixi Expressway project will connect danjiangkou Reservoir, Wudang Mountain and Henan Laojun Mountain, which will play an important role in improving the layout of regional expressway network, improving the traffic conditions of Danjiangkou reservoir area, driving the development of tourism resources, and promoting the economic and social development of regions along the line.