“The Killer is not too calm” collected 900 million yuan, the actor acting out of the circle, he is the second Shen Teng

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This Spring Festival, the Killer is not too cool is a dark horse.On its opening day, the film received only 17 percent of screenings, but continued to beat the odds thanks to high attendance.It is now the second most popular movie after Jangjin Lake.The box office is over 900 million.The cat’s Eye forecast has been raised to 2.7 billion.With a rating of 6.8, the film is a comedy that exceeds expectations with its punchline intensity.Mahua happy without shen Teng, finally play.01. In 2015, Mahua Funage moved to the big screen, a small-budget comedy film with a box office of 1.4 billion yuan, ranking among the top three Chinese films in the mainland.He was the dark horse of the year.”Shy Fist” took in $2.3 billion and became a hit again.However, in recent years, happy mahua’s works are intermingled with good and bad.”Li Cha’s Aunt” and “Warm Hug” are a long word of mouth.Despite the box office success of Hug, with its maxi Fun label, audiences are sure to compare it to critical hits such as Goodbye Mr. Loser and Donkey’s Ass.Dwarfed.Until this year’s Spring Festival, The Super Family was withdrawn, and The Killer is not Too Cool became Mahua’s only work.In the previous mahua happy works, more or less will pull shen Teng guest.Shen Teng played very little in Warm Hugs, but he was marketed well.This understanding, because for the audience, Shen Teng is a golden sign of comedy film.Even the hotel on the Sun, with only one piece of paper, was ridiculed by the audience for its silent marketing.This time, however, “The Uncool Killer” broke free from the tumult and exceeded many expectations.02, Actually, the film’s comeback has a lot to do with its subject matter.During the Spring Festival, everyone likes to watch movies for family fun, comedy is a big bonus.The heroine is Ma Li starred in the female star Milan, she and his brother Miller film has been losing money to investors.Gangster will collect debt, and Mulan sister younger brother to escape, old Harvey wants to find killer Karl all the time.So, The Milan sisters lied that they were able to find Carl.The leading actor Wei Chenggong is a walk-on small actor, he inadvertently got the recognition of the popular star Milan, but also was invited to play the film “male number one”.There were no cameras. It was all random play.However, he did not expect that all this is full of crisis in the drama, but he can rely on his own acting every time.The first half is very king of Comedy.The localization of the film is relatively successful, there are funny points and tears.Wei chenggong thinks this is a drama and everyone is an actor.But the gang thinks he is the real “Carl” and is afraid of him.This dislocation of identity leads to a lot of dense punchlines, especially in the first half of the movie theater, which is full of happy laughter.As a comedy, the punch line is the most important thing.At the heart of all comedy, of course, is tragedy.The film tells a humorous story for the audience, but also set up a lot of touching points.Take Wei Xiang’s relationship with his adoptive parents.Although he has accomplished nothing in his middle age, his kindness and simplicity make people feel warm.After watching the film, the helpless and sad little people, also reflected incisively and vividly.This is the life of a lot of people, the down-to-earth narrative, the audience resonated, laughed and moved.It is the first time for Wei Chenggong to play the leading role, and also the first time for wei Xiang in his 24-year career.His acting adds a lot of drama to the film.Wei Xiang is a mahua Fun signed actor, everyone will feel familiar.However, the roles he played were all supporting roles and did not become his masterpiece.In “Hello, Li Huanying,” he played a small worker;In The Richest Man in Xihong City, he played Ma Daxiang;In “Pegasus”, the role is played by The manager Ye, in “Goodbye Mr. Loser” also outstanding interpretation.These films became popular, but Wei Xiang’s name was not written down.24 years on the road, tepid.Until this time, he counterattacked to become the leading actor, acting is amazing many people.He has the potential for a second shenanigans.At the end of the movie, there is a photo of Wei Xiang finishing his part.Holding flowers, he said excitedly that this was his first leading role.Zhang Chi degree of acting, but also let him hit the big time.There is no size of the role, the path of growth, also need to experience over and over again.Perhaps, success is just because of their own more insist on a.The “killer” is not very calm, but very cute.