“Computer knowledge” system president SC 3.0.0 system packaging tools, added anti-rogue packaging mode

2022-05-02 0 By

SC System Packaging tool is a system president developed to face Windows operating system packaging assistant tool, Sysprep Chief Executive Officer means system packaging Chief Executive Officer, referred to as “SC” has been updated to SC3.0, in 2018, 6 with 6 official public beta release.Add a variety of new functions, traditional packaging mode, anti-rogue packaging mode, large customer packaging mode, can effectively improve the system packaging GHO inside the promotion software and the amount of home page, reduce losses and improve efficiency, SC3.0 to rewrite, new development, SC2.0 made some choice, repair SC2.0 known bugs at the same time continue its advantages,Easy to use, one step in place, friendly interface, simple to use, intelligent and efficient, strong customization, support WindowsXP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and their corresponding server systems, is the study of the system packaging enthusiasts first choice.Update log: SC- [Update] Software box is upgraded to the latest version;2. [Repair] Cancel the detection of two system services in the physical examination;3. [Fix] Optimized NT5 system packaging details code;4. [Fix] Optimize several details to improve performance.Function brief: 1, three packaging mode, traditional packaging mode, anti-rogue packaging mode, big customer packaging mode;2. Intelligent detection and repair of packaging environment and system Settings to improve the success rate of packaging;3. The target system automatically synchronizes various Settings before system packaging;4, diversified deployment of modules and can customize module functions;5, support to call the program of external devices, mobile devices or CD, any drive letter function;6, built-in rich comprehensive disk controller driver;7, continue the various advantages of SC2.0 functions, easy to use, one step in place;8, no binding promotion, no advertising.Brief highlights: 1, anti-rogue packaging mode for your earnings escort;2. Prevent the deployment of malicious alliance brushing promotion packages on VMS.3, SC3.0 part of the function does not do option display, default automatic processing, such as input method automatic saving, fixed to the taskbar icon automatic synchronization and so on;4. Added support for MSI format for SC3.0 scheduled tasks;5, repair SC2.0 known bugs, support Windows10 deployment background map customization;6, SC3.0 added the IE home page before synchronization encapsulation, favorites data function.Note: Because encapsulation tools manipulate underlying data, security software may block or report viruses.