Porsche developed high technology, you can walk into the game

2022-05-01 0 By

Recently, overseas media reported that Porsche is working with Swiss start-up Way Ahead technology to develop a new software.The app can record driving footage from a smartphone and quickly and easily convert real-life scenes into racing games.A racing game can take years to develop, usually with a laser scanner, and a lot of work and money to digitize the actual road and see it in the game.However, the new software simply requires the owner to record behind the windscreen with a smartphone. The road and its surroundings are then converted into a 3D interface in 1% of the time used by traditional digital processes.According to the presentation, the current version of the software convert 8 kilometers of road in less than 1 hour.Of course, the complexity of the road also has an impact on the transition time.The graphics will be compatible with many racing games, including Assetto Corsa, and users will be able to choose and drive any route they like.”We wanted to trigger these wonderful memories with an easier digital process, allowing anyone to virtually drive their favourite route,” said Porsche CMO.