For a commitment to keep the tomb 74 years, many times to find the anti-japanese unknown hero relatives, 92 years old finally realize a dream

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In 2014, an old man named Niu Yuqing saw the remains of martyrs being taken away by his family. He was happy and shed tears.Niu Yuqing knows that he completed the promise of the year, perhaps there is no opportunity for the martyr’s grave in the future.From the 18-year-old boy, has been to the present age of 92 years old, seventy-four years of time, Niu Yuqing has not given up looking for martyrs’ families.Niu Yuqing and what kind of story between the martyrs, he is how to find the martyrs of the family?All this, but also from the Zhang three brothers to join the army.In 1940, as Japan’s invasion and oppression of China deepened, many aspiring young men joined the army in order to protect their homeland.In the Linqu County Chiliang Valley Zhuang, Zhang Weixin, Zhang Weishun and Zhang Weiji three brothers said goodbye to their families, resolutely joined the eighth Route Army team, vowed to drive away the Japanese in China.In 1941, the Japanese in Linyi, fearing the Chinese who were loyal to the army and the people, carried out a frantic mop-up of the villages in Yimeng area.It is also in this sweep, Zhang Weiji was Japanese bullets through the leg, other parts of the body also have varying degrees of damage.With the exception of Zhang weiji, many of the team were too badly injured to be moved for long.At this critical moment, niu Yuqing and his father to these injured eighth Route Army soldiers reached out a helping hand…One day, cattle Yuqing’s uncle rushed to the home, to cattle Yuqing and father asked for help: “the eighth Route Army soldiers were injured, the Devil is searching for these people, can you take care of the wounded?”Heard is playing devil team someone injured, cattle Yuqing father and son without saying anything, directly promised: “No problem, you say we should do it.””First, we’ll find some private place for the wounded to recover, and then we’ll make sure everyone is fed and fed.”There were dozens of Japs near the village and sentries on high.And the mopping up is not over, and there is a big problem of how to safely house the wounded.Under the thought, cattle Yuqing father and son quickly dug two big cellar, each cellar can easily accommodate nine soldiers of the Eighth Route Army.The cellar outside with straw and other common crops covered, to ensure that the Japanese do not see the clue.In this way, the injured soldiers of the Eighth Route Army stayed in the cellar of Yuqing, including zhang Weixin three brothers.Perhaps Niu Yuqing did not think, because of this special fate, he will use more than 70 years to complete the original commitment.Two, take care of the wounded since taking over the wounded, Cattle Yuqing day to deal with the Devil’s mopping up, at night to be careful of high searchlights.In such a difficult environment, Niu Yuqing still insisted on sending soldiers clean water and sweet potatoes every day.Seeing the soldiers body gradually restored, mental outlook has also had a great change, the heart of the cattle Yuqing do not mention how happy.The only thing that worried him was a little comrade who had been shot through the leg.The little comrade looked at very young, but the leg injury is too serious, no matter what method cattle Yuqing used, failed to find anti-inflammatory drugs, can only look at his condition become serious every day.In addition to ensuring everyone’s daily life, Niu Yuqing will also use his own way to encourage everyone, especially to encourage the most seriously injured comrades.Unfortunately, when everyone has been almost good, the little comrade or can not survive this one, heroic sacrifice.At this time, the little comrade’s brother “comrade Zhang” endure sadness to cow Yuqing request way: “fellow citizen, we want to continue to look for big army dozen devil, can trouble you to my brother simple bury once?””No problem. Leave it to me.”Upon hearing Niu Yuqing’s reply, Comrade Zhang continued, “I will come back and take my brother home after I have defeated the Japanese devils.”In this way, cattle Yuqing agreed to comrade Zhang’s request, good funeral arrangements for martyrs.In order to avoid the Japanese trace, Cattle Yuqing dare not fanfare, just simply set up a tombstone.More importantly, Niu Yuqing only knew that the martyr surnamed Zhang, from The Linqu County Chiliang Valley zhuang, just married ten days on the battlefield.Niu Yuqing did not know what he was called or how old he was.Three, keep the promise since they agreed to Comrade Zhang’s request, Niu Yuqing and his father will sweep the graves of martyrs every year, silently waiting for the day of victory.Unfortunately, until the news of the Japanese surrender came, niu Yuqing did not wait to Comrade Zhang.Soon after, the domestic war, Niu Yuqing naturally that Comrade Zhang again into the battlefield, this did not come back to pick up his brother.After the time, cattle Yuqing’s father died, cattle Yuqing still adhere to the annual tomb for the unknown martyrs, and waiting for the arrival of his family.Time a long, local people know that there is a anti-japanese martyr buried here, and cattle Yuqing is a tomb keeper.At the same time, many schools organized tomb sweeping activities, and Niu volunteered as a guide to re-enact the red-blooded days for children.Looking at the younger generation still remember those years, niu Yuqing heart is very gratified.But as he grew older, he was both pleased and worried.Other martyrs’ graves have entered the martyrs’ cemetery, but Comrade Zhang’s brother can not enter, because no one knows his name, no one knows his past.In order to be able to let the martyr also enter the cemetery, Niu Yuqing will know little information to log on the Internet, hoping to use the power of the network to find the martyr’s family.”Linqu County Chiliang Valley Zhuang”, “Surname Zhang”, “ten days after marriage to join the army”.The information just landed on the Internet, the linqu County Chiliang Valley village secretary began to go door to door, the results really found the martyr’s family zhang Yuxin old man.According to Zhang yuxin, the martyr was Zhang Weiji, the third of three brothers.At the beginning of the cow Yuqing comrade zhang called Zhang Weixin, is the eldest brother, the second is called Zhang Weishun, with the eldest brother together to find the team.Unfortunately, this brother several people sacrifice, and did not leave descendants, this has been slow to find cattle Yuqing.If not the village secretary responsible for the visit, perhaps Zhang Weiji martyr’s identity will disappear from now on.After many confirmed, Zhang Weiji martyr identity finally appeared in the field of vision, which is the most happy cattle Yuqing.During the 74 years, Niu Yuqing never gave up looking for relatives of martyrs.It is this persistence that has the final happy result.Pay tribute to all the ancestors, pay tribute to the cattle Yuqing old man!