Winter Olympic Cultural intangible heritage handcraft creative exhibition works solicitation notice

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In order to better protect, inherit and promote Traditional Chinese handicrafts, strengthen cultural confidence, and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of fine traditional Chinese culture.With the opportunity of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, we can look back to the origin to find the ancient civilization scattered in the countryside, discover the original materials representing the “truth, goodness and beauty” of human beings, redefine the traditional Chinese life with contemporary design, and seek the innovative combination of cultural value and commercial value of intangible cultural heritage.Special “Winter Olympic Cultural intangible heritage handicraft creative exhibition”.The manual creative, exhibition theme games are intangible culture exhibition, exhibition organization guidance units: the women’s federation, federation of literature and art of the communist party of China, gansu province, gansu province qingyang municipal party committee propaganda department of the organizer: text brigade group of gansu province, gansu province cultural property rights auction trading center over the next four party group co., LTD. Gansu province cultural art appraisal co., LTD to undertake units:Future Media (Stock code: 872189) Co-organizer: Chinese Collectors Association Gansu Artists Association Gansu Calligraphers Association Qingcheng County Farmers’ Painting Association Hengbin Future Sifang Painting and Calligraphy Education Development Foundation Longshang Hui Cultural Creative Industrial Park Lanzhou Ink Fish Handmade StudioEvaluation Committee of Gansu Painted Pottery Research Association: The evaluation committee is composed of authoritative experts from inside and outside the province.In order to avoid cheating, the list of judges will not be published to the public.The exhibition will be open to the public from now on. The deadline is March 31 (subject to the fast submission date). The preliminary evaluation should be completed by April 15, the re-evaluation should be completed by April 20, the final evaluation should be completed by April 25, and the exhibition will start on May 28, 2022.4. Submission Requirements 1.Applicants: The exhibition is open to the national intangible heritage handicraft lovers and creative design teams.We sincerely welcome professional creative design teams to contribute to the exhibition. There is no age limit for individual contributions. As long as you love intangible cultural heritage, you can contribute your works creatively and creatively.2.Submission requirements: The works should highlight The Chinese aesthetic, Chinese taste, in the form and content of innovation, with the characteristics of The Times.The works should be based on the intangible heritage handicraft skills, and should be artistic, functional, flexible and environmentally friendly.3.The scope of submitted works: painting, calligraphy, paper cutting, carving, embroidery, silk pinching and other fields of intangible cultural Heritage content;4.The submitted work must be the original work of the contributor. If there is any fabrication, plagiarism or other fraud, once it is confirmed, the contributor will be immediately disqualified from the exhibition and award evaluation. The negative effects and legal disputes arising therefrom shall be borne by the contributor himself.5.In addition to mailing the work, the author should attach the name of the work and the design description (no more than 200 words);6.Name, organization/unit name, position, way of participation (individual or group), name of works (must be the same as the name of the submitted works), quantity (if there are more than one, please note separately);7. Submission period: February 1st — March 31st, 2022.Address: Dengjia Garden, Guangwumen, Chengguan District, Lanzhou city, Gansu Province, Zip Code: 730030 Received: 17602641321 (Wei Dong) Special tip: Please mark the words “Winter Olympics Cultural Intangible Heritage Handcraft Creative Exhibition” on the outer package when submitting your paper.Vii. The organizer promises to complete the preliminary evaluation of the submitted works before April 15, 2022.200 groups of works were selected for re-evaluation.Make it clear that only one (group) work from each contributor can be re-evaluated.The re-evaluation of the submitted works shall be completed before April 20, 2022.50 (groups) entries are selected for final evaluation.It is clear that all works selected by the re-evaluation will be eligible for entry into large-scale comprehensive exhibition.3. The final evaluation of the submitted works shall be completed before April 25, 2022.Winners will be selected according to the grade of first prize, second prize, third prize and excellence Award.Make clear that all entries entered into the final evaluation automatically qualify for the award of Excellence.The organizer will organize the exhibition according to the first-class exhibition standards, and will organize the all-media publicity of the exhibition process centering on excellent works.The organizer will organize the compilation and printing of exquisite, atmospheric paper edition of the Winter Olympics Cultural Intangible heritage Handcraft Creative exhibition excellent works collection.The above acceptance is an offer acceptance with legal effect.8. 1 prize winner, 2 prize winners of 30,000 Yuan, 3 prize winners of 20,000 Yuan, 44 prize winners of 10,000 Yuan, and 1,000 Yuan.Gansu Cultural Property Rights Exchange Center and Future Sifang Group Auction Co., Ltd. assume and exercise the responsibilities and rights and interests of the main organizer of the exhibition.2.All submissions are free of charge, and there is no need to pay any exhibitor fees (special reminder: the organizer does not accept collect submissions).3.After the host and organizer fulfill the exhibition commitment, all the submitted works collected by the Exhibition will not be returned to the contributors, and the property rights of the collected works will be transferred to the organizer. Copyrights, property rights and Copyrights derived from the works will also be owned by the organizer because the exhibition needs to display the works.4.The contributor that has been confirmed to be in the final evaluation can have 1 whole P display page and 3 works on the “Excellent Works Collection of The Winter Olympic Cultural Intangible Heritage Handcraft Creative Exhibition”;In the “Winter Olympics Cultural Intangible Heritage Handcraft Creative Exhibition excellent Works Collection”, the re-evaluation of the contributor can have 1/6 pages of works display page and a collection of works.5.This exhibition will not be returned, all contributors can get “Winter Olympics Cultural Intangible Heritage Handcraft Creative exhibition excellent works collection” 1, and through the wechat public account gansu Cultural Exchange Center, Sifang auction, Gansu evaluation exhibition.1. All contributors are deemed to understand and agree with the contents of this notice.2. The organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret this notice.Organizing Committee of creative Exhibition of “Winter Olympic Cultural Intangible Heritage Handicraft” February 1, 2022