Potted gardenia so raise, not yellow leaves rot root bloom

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Gardenia has evergreen leaves, lush branches and fragrant flowers, which are of high ornamental value.The flowering scent is very nice, and it has a large amount of flowers when it blooms, making it a great home plant for maintenance.1. The soil must be soft, breathable, water-permeable, fertile and acidic. Gardenia likes acidic soil.2. Gardenia it is a water-loving plant, but can not be watered too often, watering to see dry wet, watering will lead to too wet soil, plant roots soak in water for a long time easy to rot, causing yellow leaves, falling buds and other problems.3. Big and fragrant flowers can not be separated from the top application of fertilizer, especially for gardenia.Should follow the principle that thin fertilizer applies frequently, a few phosphate fertilizer can be applied before flowering, be helpful for the flower that leaves more luxuriant.4. Gardenia is particularly fond of sunlight, providing it with more than 6 to 8 hours of direct light every day, if placed in half shade for a long time, the flowers will be thin and slender.5. Gardenia flowers are prone to chlorosis, leaf spot and scale insects, especially in summer, when the weather is hot and humid, and fungal infection causes diseases and insect pests.After the discovery of timely spraying disinfection, and other plants isolated, to avoid infection.6. The best season for gardenia pruning is after blooming in spring, it can be pruned until summer. There are branches that are too long in the growth process, so long as it is not autumn, it can be cut appropriately.If you like dongliangzi gardening, please click follow to share flower care tips every day.