How much do you know about special functional textiles with huge development space?

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From the Winter Olympics to aerospace, from deep sea diving to firefighting disaster relief…The protective clothing made of special functional textile materials has played a very important role in ensuring the safety of athletes, astronauts, divers and firefighters, as well as ensuring the timely completion of all kinds of major tasks.Spacesuits special functional textile materials is an important part of industrial textiles, not only widely used in industry of the people’s livelihood, but also play an important role in the national strategic security, has become a health, safety, environmental protection, infrastructure construction, new energy, aerospace, national defense industry such as important strategic support.In recent years, all kinds of disasters and accidents show the characteristics of strong suddenness, large economic loss and many casualties, which put forward higher requirements for safety protection textiles, forcing the special function textile materials to a wider range of applications and higher technical level development.Experts believe that according to the market analysis of textiles for safety protection and the new challenges of COVID-19, the research on medical functional textile materials, antistatic functional textile materials, water and oil repellent functional textile materials and flame retardant functional textile materials should be focused.To speed up the development and use of textiles with safety protection, to achieve long-term and effective protection of personnel and property safety.1.Texnology®NW-PA is a three-resistance finishing agent for medical non-woven fabrics. This finishing agent can make non-woven fabrics have good water-repellent, oil-repellent, anti-plasma, anti-alcohol, hydrostatic pressure and other effects, endowing medical supplies with good protective function, protect the health of medical staff and patients.2.Texnology®NW16 antistatic agent is suitable for non-woven fabrics, thermal underwear, trousers and other fabrics.Can reduce the fabric cutting, sewing and other processing electrostatic generation;Reduce the accumulation of static electricity in the process of wearing or displaying garments;Endowing the fabric with good antistatic effect.3.Texnology®FCB058 is a water-soluble carbon six water-repellent, suitable for all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. It can give excellent and lasting water-repellent, oil-repellent and antifouling properties to fabrics, especially cotton fabrics, without affecting the air permeability and feel of the fabric.4.Texnology® ZRJ is a highly effective polyester flame retardant that delivers high levels of flame retardancy in low doses.No adverse effect on the finished fabric, does not affect the strength of the fabric and the original style, basically colorless change;No seepage and sticky color phenomenon, easy to use, can be used in conventional shaping equipment;Low volatility, non-toxic, safe to use.Guangzhou Lianzhuang Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and application of non-woven three resistance agent, antistatic agent, waterproof and oil-proof agent, three resistance finishing agent, flame retardant agent, has rich application experience, to provide customers with functional textile finishing solutions and technical support.Welcome to call for sample: 13922166891. This article is from Guangzhou Lianzhuang Technology Co., LTD. (, please indicate the original source.