Yichang Xiling: Care for the elderly to send warm fire safety home

2022-04-29 0 By

(yichang station reporter Chen Can Correspondent Hu Jianzhi) is a solid foundation to carry out fire control propaganda “five into” work, to improve the old fire safety consciousness and the defense self-help capability, on February 17, yichang institute of xiling district street book in the fire rescue combined the inkwell lane, street community to carry out the “care for old people who live alone, fire safety to home” activities.”Happy New Year, Grandma!When you usually cook at home, you must remember to turn off the fire in time. You can’t pile up sundries at home, and the discarded things should be cleaned up in time…””Old man, when you warm yourself by the fire at home, don’t be too close to the sofa and bedding, remember to turn off the power when you go out, and don’t smoke in bed…”.In mochi Lane and Zhongshu Street communities, the fire rescue staff and community workers visited the elderly living alone and delivered fire safety knowledge to them.Fire rescue personnel during the initiative for the old people who live alone check clearing house fire safety hidden trouble, and easy to understand language, patience to old people on fire control safety common sense, ask for details of the old people daily electricity gas with fire, and so on and so forth, pay more attention to fire safety, told the elderly to further strengthen the awareness of fire safety in the elderly, to care for old people and warm,Send peace.Edit Hu Song