World of Warcraft: Orc invasion of the two war routes

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In the annals of World of Warcraft, the Dark Gate is an important point in the chronology, and the opening of the Dark Gate also heralds the two worlds of Azeroth and Draenor will change dramatically. Today, we will talk about the two wars between the horde and Azeroth behind the Dark Gate.Unified delano from gul Dan to accept the temptation of kj yells began to corrupt the orcs to the dark portal opening took only a few years, gul Dan to force can give up everything, even if is the freedom of the orcs, after the failure after the ancient battle, sargeras has been looking for the invasion of azeroth, and his deputy, kj yells, has been committed to track exiled Delaney,Tracking Delaney led him to Delano.Kj yells pleasantly surprised to think may pass the orcs to destroy the draenei, with the help of gul Dan, each big the orc clans gather together, also began to be evil to corrupt, and orcs orcish horde finally clinching the draenei, remaining draenei forced to flee, kj yells out the destroyer, of mannoroth let the orc drinks the devil’s blood,Gul ‘dan destroyed draenor’s elemental wrath in order to deal with the Draeni, and draenor’s living conditions deteriorated. The Orcs were led by the Black Hand, who repeatedly pressured Gul ‘dan to find a solution to the problem, but Kil ‘jaeden cut off contact with him at this point.Kil ‘jaeden stopped contact with the orcs at Sargeras’s behest and left them to their own fate, because Sargeras wanted the horde to invade Azeroth, and the only way to make the horde invade Azeroth was to give the Orcs no hope of surviving on Draenor.Having been assimilated by Sargeras, medivh, the guardian of Azerath, finally reached Gul ‘dan. He showed Gul ‘dan that Azerath was a land of fertile soil and countless prey, and that the Orcs could not and could not refuse such an offer.Dark portal finally got to open the first war, eastern master in karazhan is like the darkness of the swamp with gul Dan cast spells, tribal soldiers sent to azeroth, tribal vanguard troops in the swamp established the dark portal, great chief black hand ring sent blood and black teeth grinning clan as vanguard troops to azeroth, set up camp here.When the dark gate opened, it released a huge wave of magic, and medivh’s mother, the former guardian, also felt the wave. She knew that the only person who could make such a big impact was the guardian, her son, so she went to Karazhan to find her son, and had a big battle with Medivh.After the war aegwynn was teleported out of Karazhan by Medivh with what remained of his sanity.On the other side, tribal army began to expand, they as strangers, but in the dark near the door of tribal army from day to day, from the kingdom of the dark portal recently stormwind natural received a lot of stories about the dark swamp, then the king sent lothar led the troops to see, finally confirmed the truth about a monster.The Orcs were expanding around them, and the Bloodring clan waged war against the trolls of The Gulabash, in a jungle similar to the one they had in Draenor, but the Bloodring did not gain much from the war against the trolls, and eventually the Warchief stopped the Bloodring clan from using their armies against the trolls.Black hand to send troops to the red mountain, as a result, the defeat, the dark iron dwarves here affected by large screw “ragnar rose”, but gul Dan’s apprentice ancient is successful with the dark iron dwarves to negotiate, the ancient at the twilight’s hammer at this time, this is a group of belief in the existence of the god of ancient times, they with large screw almost can be said to be the one camp,Ragnaros agreed to give the horde the Black Stone Tower of The Black Stone Mountain.Starting from the red hill tribes to capture the sun forest, the western wilderness, began to push elwynn forest and finally for the first time through elwynn forest tribes fought against the storm, but lothar led a wave forces copy the tribal posterior, rear attack makes tribes began to retreat, this is the storm and the defenders also rushed out of the outside of the city pursuit tribe.The first attack on Stormwind failed.On the other side, Medivh’s apprentice, Khadgar, was searching for answers. He eventually discovered that it was the guardian, Medivh, who helped the horde open the portal. Khadgar and Garona succeeded in killing Medivh, while Gul ‘dan, the mastermind of the horde, fell into a coma as he searched Medivh’s mind.Army in the tribal war at the same time, the frost Wolf clan exile, they finally regain the shaman, the element with the help of the north, while durotan later return to battle with old friends meet Mr Greg’s destruction of hammer, the meeting after durotan killed by gul Dan’s minions, during gul Dan coma he had sent a challenge to the big chiefs and slew of the black hand.After the second war of annihilation hammer to beat black as great chief, he assembled the army launched an attack, the stormwind and caleb Luo Naze meet human king, but unfortunately the garona has been controlled by the shadow council at this time, she killed Ryan king, varian witnessing the dead father, the king of die making stormwind began to retreat, they escape by sea to the north.Hammer destroyed Gul ‘dan’s Shadow Council. When Gul ‘dan woke up, he was no longer in power, but he swore allegiance to Hammer and later developed the Death Knight. Talon Blood Demon was the first death knight.Some clans remained on Draenor when the horde invaded azeroth. They were so affected by demon blood that the Black Hand did not take them to Azeroth to avoid their influence in the war.Arthas was a nine-year-old boy when the refugees of Stormwind finally arrived in Lordaeron. Even the arrival of the refugees of Stormwind did not alarm the northern kingdoms. They debated whether to rally against the horde, and Gilnis and Alterac believed that stormwind had brought nothing but rumors.On the other hand, the horde had waged war against the dwarves and had taken over almost all of their territory, except the main city ironforge, and the dwarves had suffered the same fate. When news of the dwarves’ fall reached Lordaeron, the human kingdoms realized how serious the threat was and the Alliance of Lordaeron was formed.Lothar became supreme commander and later founded the Order of the Silver Hand.The horde now occupied almost half of the eastern kingdom, and Hammer decided to march north by water. The army on the water was blocked by the Alliance navy. The Red Dragon army was used for a large purpose, and the Alliance navy was defeated, and the two sides fought at hillsbrad Hills.Situation very anxious, ultimately destroy the hammer was determined, the east of here he rescued the leader of the armani troll zul ‘jin, incorporate the troll camp, of the tribe to woo the troll, decided to help the troll tribe to go against their rivals the high elves, and they just met in a nest perched on the march pretty hammer dwarves of the mountain, the group of dwarves domesticated griffin here,The horde has no air force, so Orgrime decides to attack the Eyrie and send the Griffin knights back.Then Manhammer joined the Lordaeron League.Unwilling to delay, Augrime marched on Quel ‘thalas with half his army, and Quel ‘thalas eventually joined the Lordaeron Alliance, but Silvermoon was too long to be conquered, even by dragoons sent by the Dragothroats to break down its defenses.The grand Chieftain decided to head west to Lordaeron, while Gul ‘dan plotted his treachery.The chief’s westward route met the surrendered human kingdoms at Alterac, which they easily crossed.Lordaeron, at the head of the army, commanded the battle from the walls of lordaeron.Gul ‘dan betrayed the horde at this point and led his followers away to seek sargeras’ tomb.Orgrime, without reinforcements, knew the defeat was irreversible and decided to withdraw.As the army retreated to the south, the Confederacy came, ironforge and Normorigen were liberated, and the dwarves and gnomes joined the League of Lordaeron.Horde armies are fighting less and less, while alliance armies are fighting more and more.The war was irretrievably lost