Where will the 2022 Nanjing Forest Music Festival be performed?

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2022 nanjing forest music festival will be held in the opening show, below small make up to you to introduce in detail the nanjing forest festival ticket price, time, place and show details of nanjing forest festival time: 2022-05-02/03 nanjing forest festival location: nanjing jiangbei district forest (mountain city living room) nanjing Yangtze river park festival ticket price:368428588688128 source:Yellow River ticketing APP lineup is basically last year’s retention, there is flow rock hip-hop basically includes,Festival in May and the fairy fight not to visit nanjing forest or good project delay guests lineup will be subject to the nanjing forest music carnival season – one about a year and large outdoor music festival to a line of top rock band is pure and fresh and folk singer electronic music DJ gathered in jinling in this forest offer large music feast music stage shocked whole festival is not only limited to the musicIn addition to pleasant music, dance and other entertainment projects, the stage is also quite ingenious. The 50-meter-long super-large stage shakes the audience. Three-dimensional lighting, sound and the unique reverberation effect of the big forest bring fans an ultimate visual and auditory experience.In music festival, and refreshing “alien” stage, landscape, model and so on will be music and art together, by the simple and traditional “stage of Scotland”, combination with colour profusion geometry demonstration, give a person a kind of “Hollywood” international rocks, novel visual stimulation, tie-in boiling music tension,For all music fans to bring an irresistible super-burning passion.Forest recreation unique music festival at this time, cui yunshan forest scenic spot, its top travel, high altitude air a net slippery rope, jungle traversing, empty rail characteristic such as sky city entertainment, is still an indispensable experience in project, especially the star tents and half empty tent, the big forest camping experience, unique to give people a fresh feeling.And the city of the sky has a unique style of play also attracted many music fans, in the gap between enjoying music, many people also challenged an air trestle or forest level, incisively and vividly felt the unique charm of the forest, enjoy the natural scenery and beautiful scenery, spend a happy leisure time here.In addition, food is also an important content of this music festival, all kinds of fruits, desserts, barbecue, snacks, all kinds of beer, cocktails, drinks, at any time to satisfy the taste buds enjoy, perfect launch an unforgettable forest dinner, a peak carnival on the tongue.Go out of the city, into the nature, come to the forest to enjoy the rare leisure time, 2022 Nanjing Forest Music Festival, waiting for you to carnival!