The legend of Miyue: Why Mi Yin and Mi Yao became queens?And Miyue is a dowry maid?

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The legend of Mi Yue is a big female drama, about Mi Yue from the unpopular princess of Chu into ten thousand people above the queen mother of the State of Qin, hands hold heavy power, can be said to be very inspirational, let a person untouchable cool article!But many audiences have such a doubt: Mi Yin, Mi Yue, Mi Yao, are the concubines of the concubine of the State of Chu, why the treatment difference is so big?Mi Yin is also her mother died at an early age, why can also become a foreign queen?Mi Shu, princess of the State of Qin, and Mi Yao married the Emperor when the queen!First of all, the status of birth mother was very important in ancient times.Although they are subaltern, also have high and low points.Mi Yin’s birth mother is a princess of the State of Qi. She is very noble and knows how to please both sides. She also has a certain friendship with the Queen mother of chu.Naturally, her daughter would also be treated well by the Queen mother of Chu.And Mi Yue’s mother is the princess of the kingdom of the dower maid, status is very lowly, naturally by the Queen dowager looked down upon!When Mi Yue was born, there were rumors that she was a star bully. Naturally, the Queen mother of Chu was not happy about mi Yue.Mi Yao’s birth mother is also humble, has been excluded by the Empress Nan, but by this time, Mi Yue was already the queen mother of Chu, she wanted to appoint Mi Yao as the king of Qin, summed up the good of qin and Jin, the Empress Nan did not dare to oppose, can only let Mi Yao go, fortunately, Mi Yao is also a sensible person, can become the King of Qin!