How do you fix your marital problems?The female life that eats injury flourishing, how can marriage be happy?

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Dear teacher, I am a kindergarten teacher. I was born at 4:30 p.m. on February 16, 1993. Since I got married, I began to live together.But from the beginning of this year, we began to have contradictions, there are arguments between us, there are also contradictions, recently directly is the cold war, who also ignore each other, I really can’t stand, I don’t know what is wrong with our marriage, why is it like this?Will we still have a happy marriage, a stable family?Thank you, teacher.Teacher reply, you were born in guiyou year, Jiayin month, hundred days day, geng Shen, dayun, yimao, c Chen, Ding Si, wu Wu, has not, Geng Shen, Xin you, ren Xu, now Ding si in the transport.First analysis of life bureau xi avoid, you yen wu earth born in Yin month shall not make, sit down Chen earth, year column goldwater phase health, month column dry branch of a gas, when column geng gold dry branch of a gas, are grams of draining yen force, comprehensive to weak judgment, fire wood for like to use, avoid goldwater.Second life of static information, 1, female life marriage is officer, star is officer is her husband, but you doesn’t life bureau is officer, partial officer after seven killed, so seven kill star for her husband, but you month column JiaYin seven kill power, personal restraint, and your body is weak, that her husband potentially stressful for you, husband and wife in marriage also quarrel.2, you are in a unitary gold, and when the column GengShen, food is very popular, and Yin wood, seven wounded officer killed by unitary gold restraint, when the ShenJin and star power, but husband you eat, though you are smart, talented, but you won’t deal with the relationship between the and the surrounding people, cause you don’t deal with the relationship and husband, but also gradually to the marriage.Finally analysis of dynamic life bureau information, this year 2022 Renyin, Yin wood seven kill coming, easy around you a few years around the opposite sex will be very much, plus Yin Shen chong, seven kill and Guishi chong, that this year in the relationship will have an affair, and between her husband will often quarrel, family is difficult to stability.Decyl bases of next year, with life bureau e j, frame wood for the peach blossom is officer approaching, and the earthly branches Yin bases, three will be, if not married, still good, can be married, but if you have been married, this time there is a third party in the marriage, to husband and wife quarrel, the marriage crisis, if not properly handled, maintenance or marriage, marriage will probably have an image of separation.From the age of 35 to 45, you go to the wu Wu luck, which is the fortune of India, and the wu earth permeability and the year dry water coincide, indicating that this decade of career stability, financial prosperity, money and income have increased, the life tends to be stable.45 years old to 55 years old you have no luck, into the king than wang ground, this time can gram friends and relatives partnership to do a little business, the inevitable wealth, happy life.After the age of 55, you enter the old age. Although there is a quarrel between husband and wife, it does not have much impact on the marriage. Both parties get together less and leave more, which does not have a great impact on the marriage.