Does undergraduate entrepreneurship obtain employment have experience?Don’t worry, brilliant entrepreneur is here to help

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February 10, the league Gaoming District Committee, district college students federation held a forum “Ming Support college students · I have plans with boss”, invited local entrepreneurs and Gaoming college students face to face communication, encourage more college students to realize personal value in entrepreneurial struggle, actively contribute to the development of their hometown.Gaoming District Committee and Gaoming College Students Association held a symposium to invite local entrepreneurs to communicate with Gaoming college students face to face.In Gaoming Jiye Cold Rolled Steel Plate Co., LTD., college students walked into the factory to feel the enterprise culture and further understand the development of enterprises in their hometown.Zeng Zhitao, general manager of the company, shared his thoughts on business management and entrepreneurship with college students. He encouraged them to master professional skills and exercise their management and communication skills, so as to provide them with a new perspective on entrepreneurship and employment.At the symposium, Cheng Hanhan, general manager of Foshan Liming Tax Accountant Firm and Foshan Lirun Accounting Firm, Luo Jiayong, general manager of Guangdong Cangjiang Cultural Communication Co., LTD and Gaoming District Tourism Service Center, also integrated their entrepreneurial practice and management practice into their experience sharing.Cheng Hanhan believes that capital, team and direction all directly affect the success rate of entrepreneurship. College students who intend to start a business should first recognize themselves, discover their advantages and summarize their disadvantages. Only by learning one line and specializing in one line can they gain a firm foothold.Luo jiayong analyzed the relationship between entrepreneurship and employment for college students, and analyzed the opportunities and traps that college students may encounter in the process of entrepreneurship and employment in the future.Luo said, gaoming intelligent manufacturing, cultural tourism and other industries have great development potential, many local enterprises are in urgent need of a large number of young talents, but often can not recruit the right person, he hopes that overseas students can learn more about the development of their hometown before deciding the direction of entrepreneurship and employment, looking for more opportunities.Zeng Zhitao also said that with the arrival of opportunities such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the construction of the new airport, Gaoming’s economic and social development will usher in a period of rapid development. He hoped that Gaoming students will actively return to their hometown to start businesses and work together to build their hometown better and better.Symposium, the students also were combined with their own business interest and interest ask entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs answered respectively based on their own entrepreneurial practice experience, and give Suggestions, positive guide students to set up the correct business greatly, encourage students to find accurate positioning, completes the personal development plan as early as possible.Mass of the relevant person in charge of brillant district party committee, said the next, TuanOuWei area will jointly by the inducing, people club department, actively communicate with university-enterprise joint structures, talent and lead to retention of the platform, let college students into all walks of life, face to face communication with the department head, entrepreneurs, let college students to further the development of the latest situation, attract more outstanding students to return to the local employment, entrepreneurshipContribute youth strength for the development of hometown.Foshan Daily reporter Xie Wenjun