Attention, Wuhan will also see rain and snow

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Today, the beginning of spring, the rebirth of the New Year, starts to look forward to the renewal of all things.Xiangyang (Zhu Wei)?Changyang (Zuo Damin/Photo)?Tongcheng (Xu Shake/photo) Today is not only the start of spring is also the first day into the “69” after reading the following section of hubei “59” weather check “you can more deeply feel today’s warm sun rare!??During the “May 9th” period of this year (From January 26 to February 3), the average accumulative precipitation in the province was 2.83 times more than that in the same period of the year, reaching 31.4 mm, the second most in the same period in history.Eighteen stations, including Yichang, Xianning, Huangshi and Enshi, saw the largest accumulative precipitation during the May 9 period.During the “May 9th” period of this year, the average cumulative sunshine time of the province was only 8.4 hours, 21 hours less than the same period of the previous year.Jiangxia, Xianning, Huangshi and other 10 stations this year during the “May 9” sunshine for 0.A rain and snow weather process is “brewing” tomorrow evening will take the lead from the west of the day today to tomorrow, by the upper northerly air flow control, most of the province sunny to cloudy;Tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, there will be rain and snow from west to east in our province.There will be fog in the east and south of our province from tonight to tomorrow morning.The weather forecast for Hubei province in the next three days will be sunny to cloudy in the daytime of The 4th.Fog in southeast Hubei in the morning.4. Cloudy to overcast in northwest hubei and southwest Hubei in the evening;Sunny to cloudy in other areas.Wind: northward force 2 to 3 Maximum temperature: 9 to 12℃ in most areas Minimum temperature: -4 to -1℃ in north;In the south of -1 ~ 2℃, the weather of 5 days in Shiyan and Shennongjia will turn to sleet or light to moderate snow;Enshi, Yichang cloudy day to light rain, high altitude areas with sleet or snow;Cloudy to overcast in other areas.There is fog in the east and south of our province in the morning.Wind: northerly wind level 3 to 4 Maximum temperature: 4 ~ 7℃ in the west;Eastern 8 ~ 11℃ minimum temperature: most areas -1 ~ 2℃6 weather Shiyan, Shennongjia cloudy with moderate to heavy snow;Enshi, Yichang light to moderate rain to sleet or snow, high altitude areas have moderate to heavy snow, local blizzard;Xiangyang, Suizhou, Jingmen, western Jingzhou, Xiaogan, huanggang north cloudy to sleet or snow;In other areas, cloudy skies turn to light to moderate rain and snow.Wind: north wind force 3 to 4, gust force 5 Maximum temperature: west 1 to 4℃;4 ~ 6℃ in the east minimum temperature: -3 ~ -1℃ in the north;In the south of -1 ~ 1℃, it is expected that there will be two precipitation processes in Our city from February 6 ~ 7 and 8 ~ 11 due to the influence of the upper-level low trough eastward movement and the shear in the middle and lower layers.On the 6th to 7th, the cold air from the ground moved southward, and the north wind was strong, the temperature dropped, and there was rain and snow conversion.Weather forecast for Wuhan in the next three days Today Day: sunny to cloudy Tonight: sunny to cloudy Maximum temperature: 10 ° C, Minimum temperature: -2 ° C Humidity: 50-95%, wind: north wind force 2 to 3 Tomorrow weather: cloudy Maximum temperature: 9 ° C, minimum temperature: 0 ° C Humidity: 50-95%, wind: North wind Force 3 to 4 The day after tomorrow weather:Cloudy turn small to in snow and rain: the highest temperature of 5 ℃, the lowest temperature: 1 ℃ humidity: 65-95%, the wind: 3 to 4, northerly winds gust level 5 warm prompt: tonight tomorrow morning fog in eastern and southern regions, tomorrow night to most of the day after tomorrow have rain and snow weather, pay attention to the road slippery, mountains of snow and ice, low visibility weather on the negative impact of the transportation.?Comprehensive Hubei meteorological Wuhan meteorological public number production: Guo Qianqian review: Chen Bo focus on us: see a cloudless Wuhan