Why a simple alter, let lyu3 bu4’s dozen method and win rate to produce such tremendous change unexpectedly?

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Hello, I’m detective Number 15.First of all, I wish you a happy year of the Tiger.Some time ago, when browsing data, I found that Lv bu’s data is very wrong.In the last seven days at the top of the higher sections, Lu’s winning rate was 47.46 percent.Although the appearance rate is relatively impressive 23%+, but the win rate is not good, in all fighters, the sixth from the bottom.If you don’t quite understand what 47.46% is, let’s compare it.At present, Lv Bu’s winning rate is only 0.10% higher than that of the old hero Yaser, but 0.14% lower than Li Xin.One side is obviously higher than other heroes, one side is obviously lower than other heroes win rate, what is the reason for the current Lu Bu so contradictory?In this article, let the detective take you to explore the secrets.Some friends may have an impression of the rise of “golden Sword door”, in the last season when Lu Bu did not change the version, Lu Bu’s win rate and appearance rate are very high, in nearly 30% of the appearance rate, the win rate is still above 49%, which means that Lu Bu is worthy of the name of T1 or even T0 hero.Those who experienced that period should remember that basically every three or four rounds there would be a Lu Bu, this Lu Bu more than 90% of the batting.At that time, “Yellow knife Lu Bu” heyday.From the KPL spring game in March, Lu Bu’s yellow knife flow began to see an inkling, but at that time in the normal game, Lu Bu’s playing method did not appear a great change, is still flash in the majority.And Lu Bu anchor Solomon in September with a hand yellow knife play, indomitably advanced to the top of the top 10, officially told everyone that Lu Bu with punishment is more powerful than flash.Since then, Yellow Knife Lu Bu began to rise, until the version of the representative hero.And in my S25 season updated lv Bu out of the outfit, but also more recommended that we use a set of outfit and play.The reason is simple, yellow Blade is more like a “tank with good AOE damage”, while flash lub is like a “late warrior with good sustained damage”.The Lyu3 Bu4 before all the time is an anaphase even big anaphase hero, even a lot of people advocate use Lyu3 Bu4 to take development road to hit bilateral road, it is for steady graph development.But the emergence of the yellow knife, so that Lv Bu also had fast control of the wild area and fast eating line of capital.After the yellow knife is made, it comes with 120 double resistance and 10% movement speed, so that Lu Bu can move faster, make up for the fatal defect of “no flash”, eat line and support to a higher level, the development is also more smooth.And the real damage attached to passive reward is the guarantee of lv bu’s minimum effect.In the late fold full passive, 20 layers of yellow knife is equal to 100X4 damage, that is to say, Lu Bu in the distance suction, not four or five people are allowed to be 400 real damage, can be said to be a star suction method.Such Lyu3 Bu4, can be mixed even opposite “dozen pull”, suck one mouthful begin to pull immediately, from time to time backhand split a knife, direct destroy the game experience of the other side.Yellow knife control of wild area resources is also beyond doubt, due to its own real damage, 2 skills suction, a few times general attack can be dealt with a group of small wild monster, the battery development of the two is not wrong, perfect to make up for the lack of penetration of Lu Bu, play wild monster defects.Compared with other genres, the biggest advantage of Huangdao is that it is full of meat except for breaking army.This gives you real damage, group control and meatiness, and it’s a real tank itself, not a T0, but a T0?As the saying goes, we all have our moments of glory. Don’t take it forever.On December 7, 2021, Lu Bu suffered a cooling in the version update.This cooling looks simple, and even appears to be a “partial strengthening” adjustment on the surface.Because Lu bu’s big move directly increased the damage of 150+0.5 extra AD, and this damage can be transformed into real damage by Lu Bu’s passive, the outbreak will be very very terrible, with flash and broken army can even kill three or four heroes with a knife.By contrast, the cool-down of 2 skills doesn’t seem like a big deal.After all, before the cooldown, lui’s 2 ability only dealt 80+ (0.35 extra AD) physical damage, which did not form real damage.However, only those who really played the yellow knife can understand the true meaning of this cooling adjustment.2 no longer deals damage, which means that 2 can’t trigger the passive effect of the yellow knife, so there is no real damage to follow.That is to say, Lu Bu lost the ability to pull and consume, brush wild speed is also reduced.This adjustment greatly reduced the upper limit and lower limit of Huang Dao Lu Bu. Although there were still some Lv Bu players at that time, the declining winning rate had already explained everything.S26 season on the yellow knife of a wave of adjustment, it is another insult.For the first 4 minutes, the damage done to pawns is reduced by 25%, a full quarter.This is equivalent to, if you carry the smite, the early yellow knife is not clear line, not yellow knife is equivalent to cut off the summoner skills, tied one hand to fight with the opposite side, if not technical crushing, can beat strange.In front of such two knives, the vast majority of Lv Bu are obediently brought back flash, choose to embrace the version of the upstart equipment — pure sky.Yellow knife flow lv Bu so became the history, and flash Lv Bu again occupied the mainstream.Admittedly, the passive pure sphere with its high damage, cooldown reduction and cripple is very strong and suits Lv very well, and active dispel also greatly improves lv’s survival tolerance.But pure heaven, did it really save flash Lu Bu?Statistically, clearly not.Lv bu is currently a T2 hero, not a T1 hero, the bigger reason for the high appearance rate is that this version is more friendly to tanks, tanks will have many appearance opportunities.Lv Bu is a hero with real damage, real injury naturally restrained high double resistance tank.The more important reason that chooses Lv Bu so depends on, Lv Bu lower limit is not low, better mix cent.This is the whole process from the rise to the disappearance of Huang Dao Lu Bu.Before the rise of yellow Knife flow, there was another kind of Lu Bu’s play was very popular.That is the burst flow lv Bu.This play is very simple and crude.The upper outfit is also a relatively ancient outfit, at that time pure Firmament has not been revised, it is an attack speed equipment.Lu bu’s first output is not a sunder, but an Endless Blade.That is, directly relying on 1 skills enchanted, after the ordinary attack into true injury, directly as a shooter to play, by Lv Bu greater general attack range to AAA, by shadow blade and endless to play faster general attack, damage burst table, second people very straightforward.But there are problems.Lyubu needs to attack speed and also need to attack, but also need to break the army, including shoes, at least 4 pieces of equipment is fixed, made to have damage.And Lv Bu to live to have output, if you do not do not deserve to live completely.So the first fatal problem, is too late, medium critical strike equipment is not formed, basically a brother war, everyone deceives.Infinity Blade has been revamped to reduce its damage by 10 points, making it even more deadly for Lv, who relies on extra damage.Therefore, such lv Bu is very eat economy and development, if the first and middle period is not downwind, will seriously slow down the rhythm of the team.And the second key problem, Lv Bu does not touch a person.Lyu3 Bu4’s only displacement skill, it is 120 seconds of baby flash, besides, touch a person or big recruit jump face, or hard scalp to go up, eat all harm.Nowadays, each master archer is more flexible than the last. Gongsun is far more popular than Marco Polo. Even if Lu Bu had all the magical costumes, he would only be defeated by a kite.The pace is now faster than before, and 10 minutes of tailwinds and headwinds can largely determine what happens late in the season (more so early in the season).So the higher the version, the more it eats up the strength of the hero.So, gradually, everyone gave up on crit flow, and this once popular style of play was gradually forgotten in the valley’s long history.Taizong of tang said, by looking at history as a mirror, one can see prosperity and change.Lv Bu this a hero out of the outfit and the rate of change in thinking, we can see the version of the historical trends.Which school of Lu Bu do you like best?What’s your favorite version?Well, that’s all for this time. I’m detective No.15. 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